NFR 2020 Massey Ferguson

Hay and Forage


There’s not much margin when it’s time to cut hay. A few days too late and you start to lose quality and protein. The same goes for baling. No matter what your operation, you can count on Butler’s line of rugged, reliable hay equipment.

Challenger 9900 Series

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Model Engine HP
WR9980 265
WR9970 235
WR9960 197
WR9950 160

Whether your forage or grain harvesting needs call for a rotary disc header, a sickle header or a draper header, you’ll find the perfect match with a Challenger self-propelled windrower.

The WR Series utilizes state-of-the-art electro-hydraulic controls operated by a virtual terminal. This revolutionary technology provides a higher degree of precision control over all the primary windrower functions while incorporating features never offered before on a windrower.

Challenger Mower Conditioners

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Model Cut Width
PTS16 Sickle 16′
PTD12B Disc 12′
PTD15B Disc 15′

Challenger disc mower conditioners do it all. They cut through the toughest conditions while gently handling valuable crops, uniformly condition plant stems for fast drying and place the crop into your choice of a windrow or swath.

Features include excellent vertical and radial flotation, dual counter-rotating conveyor augers and 110″ conditioner rolls. The PTS16 offers a half-swaybar dual sickle system that cuts through hay at 1,840 strokes-per-minute. With their center-pivot design, the PTD12 and PTD15 allow you to cut back and forth and on either side of the tractor.

Unlike other machines, Challenger mower-conditioners feature a rugged box-beam mainframe that suspends the header in much the same manner as a self-propelled machine for better ground clearance and outstanding vertical and radial flotation.

Challenger Round Balers

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Model Bale Size
2956A 5′ x 6′
2956 5′ x 6′
2946A 4′ x 6′
2946 4′ x 6′

Purpose-built for the professional producer, these commercial grade balers perform at higher field operating speeds making them ideal for high-capacity baling operations.

Take the hard work out of building high-quality bales with the industry’s best Auto-Tie (standard) and Auto-Cycle (optional) round balers. They also feature industry-leading capacity and bale density performance, along with a host of innovative features not found on other brands of round balers, like the Console 1 Color Monitor, the only color monitor on the market.

Challenger Rectangular Balers

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Model Bale Size
1840 14″ x 18″ x 12″ – 52″
SB36 14″ x 18″ x 12″ – 52″
SB44 16″ x 18″ x 12″ – 52″
2250 3′ x 3′
2270 3′ x 4′
2290 4′ x 4′

No matter what your operation, you’ll appreciate the LB Series large rectangular balers. Each model features an in-line design that keeps hay moving in a straight line from the wide, low profile pick-up through to the bale chute that delivers large solid bales that stack tight for transport or storage.

The SB Series small rectangular balers are like no other on the market today. The “straight chuters” move crop material in a straight line from the pickup to the bale chute. There are no right angle turns or cross conveying mechanisms, which means there’s less leaf loss, greater bale density and improved efficiency.

CLAAS Disco Mower + Conditioners

Triple Mowers

Must add a 3200 Front Mower to complete triple mower package (see below for 3200 models available)

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Model Working Width Conditioner
9200 C Contour  29.2′ / 29.9′ Tine
9200 RC Contour  29.2′ / 29.9′ Roller
9200 Contour  29.2′ / 29.9′
9200 C Autoswather  29.2′ / 29.9′ Tine


CLAAS Front Mowers

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Model Working Width Conditioner
3200 F Profil 9.8′
3200 FC Profil 9.8′ Tine
3200 FRC Profil 9.8′ Roller
3500 F Profil 11.2′
3500 FC Profil 11.2′ Tine
3500 FRC Profil 11.2′ Roller

CLAAS Rear Mowers

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Model Working Width Conditioner
3050C 9.8′ Tine
3050 9.8′

CLAAS Pull Type Mowers

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Model Working Width Conditioner
3500 TC 11.2′ Tine
3500 TRC 11.2′ Roller
3050 TC 9.8′ Tine
3050 TRC 9.8′ Roller

CLAAS Front Mowers

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Model Working Width Rotors
Liner 3100 28’6″ – 32’8″ 2
Liner 2900 27′ – 29’6″ 2

CLAAS 3-Point Mounted Tedder

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Model Working Width Rotors
800 25’3″ 6

Claas Variant

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Model Bale Size
380 48″ x 68″ / 48″ x 60″
360 48″ x 68″ / 48″ x 60″

Claas Jaguar

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The JAGUAR family is the best selling forage harvester in the world. They feature powerful drive units from Mercedes-Benz and an electronic injection system which provides optimum response times and low fuel consumption. The engine, engine cooling system and position of the engine, along with the resulting drive concept, are key factors in translating engine power into throughput. Strong and precise precompression is also crucial for achieving huge throughputs. The precompression rollers on the JAGUAR can be pushed open by up to 180 mm, creating a massive intake opening. A damper in the form of a hydraulic cylinder was designed to maintain the even distribution of precompression forces on the upper intake rollers, optimizing the efficiency of the overall process.

Model HP Corn Head Row/Width Disc Cutter
930 456 6 – 10/20′ – 25′ 20 -17
940 510 7 – 10/20′ – 25′ 20 -17
950 598 7 – 10/20′ – 25′ 20 -17
960 653 7 – 12/20′ – 30′ 20 -17
970 775 7 – 12/20′ – 30′ 20 -17
980 884 7 – 12/20′ – 30′ 20 -17