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S.O.S Fluids Analysis 

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Butler S.O.S. fluids analysis services

Monitor the lifeblood of your machine

Whether you’re new to sampling or a pro, a Do It Yourself (DIY) customer or want Butler to handle it all for you, our fluids analysis and S.O.S. services are here for you. We provide full fluids analysis testing options for oil, coolant, and fuel samples in our state-of-the-art laboratory in Bismarck, ND.

All labs are not the same

Are you interested in saving hundreds— even thousands—in owning and operating costs? Let Butler Fluids Analysis services reduce your owning and operating costs by leveraging our Caterpillar-branded proprietary process that turns fluids analysis data into valuable information.

We offer the largest OEM in-house fluid sampling capabilities and use the latest technology to assess whether your equipment is at risk for potential failure. Butler provides expert advice and performs any actions needed. We’re confident that the Butler Fluids Analysis services offer more value than any other program.

Coolant analysis

Keep your machine running smoothly

Cooling system testing is often overlooked, but damage that could occur from overheating won’t be overlooked or forgotten. Our coolant testing is an easy way determine whether your coolant has the right chemical balance for maximum system protection and cooling efficiency.

Fuel analysis

You get out what you put in

Don’t forget about your diesel fuel. Poor-quality fuel can affect how your equipment performs—including abnormal wear of components, valves, valve guides, piston rings, and more.

Oil analysis

Spot problems before they happen

Visual oil inspections are limited to the larger particles. We can spot early signs of damaging wear metals, the condition of your oil, overall particle analysis, and identify contaminants.

Oil and coolant sampling has never been simpler

We’ve simplified our Do-It-Yourself Sample Kits. One kit can now be utilized for either oil or coolant samples. Available for single purchase or by the case. Samples can be dropped off at your Butler store or mailed in.

  • 1 Fluids Analysis Kit* = $17.00
  • 1 Case Fluids Analysis Kits, Pre-Paid Postage (100 kits) = $1,500.00
  • 1 Case Fluids Analysis Kits, No Postage (100 kits) = $1,200.00
  • *Pre-Paid postage included, if you choose to ship your sample.
1ppm is like one drop of milk in… 40 gallons of coffee!
Now, that’s small!

When you’re testing fluids, you’ve got to see what operators can’t. Concentration of elements is shown in parts per million (ppm). For comparison, 1 ppm is like:

  • One drop of milk into 40 gal. of coffee
  • A half teaspoon of milk into a pick-up bed of coffee;
  • A half-gallon of milk in an Olympic-sized pool of coffee
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