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Vermeer Balers

Vermeer Hay and Forage Equipment

There’s not much margin when it’s time to cut hay. A few days too late and you can start to lose quality and protein. The same goes for baling. No matter what your operation, you can count on Butler’s line of rugged, reliable hay equipment.

Rapid City, SD; Pierre, SD; Chadron, NE and Pickrell, NE are your local Butler Authorized Vermeer dealers.

Vermeer Round Balers

  • 605N
  • 605N Cornstalk Special

Vermeer N-series balers are built with heavy-duty components for strength and durability in the field when operators need them most. Smart features like the available automatic pickup clutch and Auto Lube greasing system help extend machine life. Plus, they’re backed by one of the best distribution networks in the industry.

605N Baler 36 in - 72 in (91.4 cm - 182.9 cm) 61 in
605N Cornstalk Special Baler 36 in - 72 in (91.4 cm - 182.9 cm) 62 in

Vermeer Bale Processors

  • BPX9010

Vermeer bale processors make the best use of your bales with the least amount of labor, and give you the versatility you need to process round bales or large square bales with an optional kit.

Each processor quickly unrolls bales into windrows that give all the cattle equal feeding room. As the bales are processed, dust and mold are blown away and the hay is aerated, becoming more palatable for your herd.

BPX9010 Bale Processor (2) Bales, 6 ft x 5 ft (1.8 m x 1.5 m) 100 hp

Vermeer Disc Mowers

Vermeer M7050 Disc Mower

Hitch Up and Mow

Some say disc mowers are all the same, but it’s the little things that make the difference. Built in Pella, Iowa, the new M7050 disc mower from Vermeer has a cutting width of 9.2 ft (2.8 m) and helps reduce the hassles associated with hooking up, running, and maintaining traditional 3-point disc mowers.

It’s differences like these that make the Vermeer 50-series disc mowers stand out from the rest. This disc mower is on point.

M7050 Disc Mower 9.2 ft 70 hp

Vermeer Rakes

  • Wheel Rakes
    • VR1022
    • VR1224
    • VR1428
    • VR2040
  • Twin Rakes
    • R2300
    • R2800

Raise your wheel rake expectations with carted wheel rakes from Vermeer and get the strength, wide-stance balance, reliability and versatility you need for a heavy diet of haying, starting with the very first cutting. Plus, with Vermeer rakes, you’re able to turn the swath using a uniquely designed center splitter attachment (optional). This not only helps you accelerate dry down, it also creates consistent moisture levels throughout the entire windrow.

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