S305 Mobile Scrap & Demolition Shear

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Ideal for interior demolition tasks, the compact S305 mounted on a Cat® Skid Steer Loader or Mini Excavator goes where no other demolition tool can. Remove conduits, wiring and interior fixtures.

Tip Force
43.3 Sh Ton
Jaw Width - Moving
2 in
Cycle Time - Close
2.5 s
Rotation Circuit - Maximum Flow
5.3 gal/min
Cutting Circuit - Maximum Relief Pressure
3625 psi
26 in
Jaw Width - Fixed
9 in
Cutting Circuit - Maximum Flow
16 gal/min
Jaw Depth
11 in
Throat Force
203.7 Sh Ton
Apex Force
73.4 Sh Ton
Jaw Opening
9.4 in
Rotation Circuit - Maximum Relief Pressure
1450 psi
67 in
15 in
1212.5 lb