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Caterpillar Warranty 

When you invest in Cat equipment and engines, you do so with confidence, knowing that they are reliable and capable of completing the task at hand. Caterpillar ensures the security of your investment by providing a standard warranty that guarantees worry-free operation. However, the lifespan of Cat equipment and engines far exceeds this timeframe. That’s why Butler Machinery offers Equipment Protection Plans (EPPs) and Extended Service Coverage (ESC), providing long-term protection and peace of mind for your valuable assets. 

EPP for New Construction Equipment 

Three Protection Plans 

  • Premier: Coverage for powertrain plus hydraulics and additional electrical and structural components 
  • Powertrain, Hydraulics, Technology: Coverage for powertrain, components associated with steering and implement control, and technology solutions 
  • Powertrain & Hydraulics: Coverage for components that produce, transmit or control engine horsepower and components associated with steering and implement control 


  • Protect your equipment investment beyond the standard warranty 
  • Ensures repairs are done right with factory-trained technicians using genuine Cat parts 
  • Ability to plan and predict for service and maintenance costs 
  • Increase your machine’s resale value with transferable coverage 

AGCO Warranty 

When you invest in AGCO machines, we understand this is one of your largest investments. We want to ensure you are protected from any unexpected breakdowns with the AGCO Protection Extended Service Contracts (ESCs). 

Basic Coverage 

The Basic Coverage plan covers a wide variety of machine components including: 

  • Core Engine (Except Hang-On Attachments & Mounting Brackets)
  • Fuel System Components Including Fuel Pump, Fuel Rail and Lines, Fuel Injectors, Lift Pump and Fuel Filter Base (Excludes Filters, Low Pressure Lines/Hosts, Fuel Tanks and Fuel Caps)
  • Creeper Drive Components, Controls and Sensors (Power – Ground Engaging Only)
  • Engine Lubrication System (Excludes Oil and Oil Fliter)
  • Turbo Air Induction and Exhaust System (Excludes Muffler, Hoses/Tubes, Exhaust Stack and Air Filter)
  • Non-Powered Front Axles (Wheeled Machines Only, Excludes all Track Components)
  • Engine Fan and Flywheel (Includes Fan Clutch and Bearing) (Excludes Tensioners and Pulleys)
  • Engine Electronic Controls and Sensors
  • Power Take Off (PTO) Internal Components, Controls and Sensors
  • Engine Drive-Line Coupler
  • Transmission
  • Final Drives and Drive Axles (Includes internally lubricated parts, housing & seals)(Exludes all Track Components
  • Engine Water Pump and Water Temperature Regulator
  • Transmission Charge Pumps, Valves, Controls, Sensors & Switches (Power – Ground Engaging Only)(Includes Joystick and ECU)
  • Differential Steering Components, Controls & Sensors (Track Tractors Only)
  • Fuel Injection Components (High Pressure)
  • Hydro Propel Pumps, Motors, Controls, Sensors and Lines/Hoses (Power – Ground Engaging Only)
  • Drive-Line Shafts, U-Joints, Transfer Gears and Differential


Enhanced Coverage 

The Enhanced Coverage plan includes all components of the Basic Coverage plan plus these additional components. 

  • Air Conditioning Compressor, Condenser, Dryer, Evaporator and Connecting Lines (Excludes Drain Hoses & Fittings)
  • Engine Starting Aid, Starter, Alternator Engine Block Heater
  • Cab Main Frame and Cab Suspension
  • Hydraulic Tanks, Pumps, Oil Coolers, Motors, Controls and Sensors (Includes Joystick and Electronic Controllers)(Excludes Hydraulic Cap)
  • Fuel Tanks and Tank Attached Fuel Lines and Fuel Sender
  • ROPS, FOPS and Back-Up Alarm
  • Hydraulic Valves, Cylinders, Accumulators, Hoses/Lines, Quick Couplers and Swivels
  • Engine Radiator, Coolant Reservoir and Coolant Hoses/Lines (Excludes Pressure Caps)
  • Hydraulic Oil Filter Bases (Excludes Filter)
  • Internal Wet Brakes and Clutches for Hydraulic, Mechanical and Air Assist (Excludes any Normal Wear)


Ultimate Coverage 

The Ultimate Coverage plan includes all components listed under the Basic and Enhanced plus these additional components. 

  • Electronic Control Units (ECU)
  • Temperature Control Programmers and Heater Valves (Electronic Controlled Valves)
  • Gauges
  • Electric Motors
  • Switches
  • Display
  • Electronic Transmission and Powertrain
  • Senders
  • Wiring Harnesses
  • Controllers
  • Sensors
  • A/C Compressor Clutch
  • Solenoids
  • GPS Receiver, Antenna, Telemetry Module & Monitor (if factory or dealer installed and purchased through AGCO Parts, sold at time of retail purchase, with serial # registered with APP Contract)
  • 4 Hours of Travel Time paid per repair at dealer’s shop rate*

*Note: For each travel reimbursement request, AGCO Protection will pay up to 4 hours of labor for travel time per eligible repair, regardless of the actual travel time or number of trips required to complete the repair.  A maximum amount of 1 travel claim may be made within a 7 day period and 10 machine hours.


Fendt Gold Star 

Fendt® Gold Star maintenance, service and warranty programs are the best in the business — and provide the kind of after-sale care that rewards you with exceptional resale value. 

The Warranty 

  • Full machine coverage under standard warranty with options to purchase additional coverage.

The Maintenance 

  • All labor and Agco Genuine parts required to perform each factory-recommended maintenance during the standard Gold Star warranty. 

The Service 

  • Fendt dealers and their factory-trained, certified technicians use only the highest-caliber diagnostic tools.

Annual Inspection 

  • Get the most out of your machine after the annual inspection to identify repairs prior to the busy season.

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