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2022 FENDT 1050 VARIO MA31365

2022 FENDT 1050 VARIO MA31365


Stock Number MA31365
Serial Number WAM53924K00F01744
Model 1050 VARIO
Manufacturer FENDT
Year 2022
Price $490,000
Description 2022 Fendt 1050 Gen2 FIF650/65R38 FIXED TB TM1000HP RIF750/75R46 FIXED TB TM1000HP REVERSIBLE COOLING FAN Heating Fuel Prefilter Preheater Pack Flange PTO Stub 1 3/4" 20-spl LONG BAR AXLE 3000mm REAR PTO 1000/1000E STUB SHAFT Radar Wheel 2 HYDR PUMPS 430 LPM Power Beyond Dir. Connection Free Hydr. Return Flow Rear Valve 5 DA Rear 140 lpm Valve 6 DA Rear 140 lpm LED Amber Warning Light-LH LED Amber Warning Light-RH Battery Disconnect Electrical CAB SUSP COMFORT PNEUMATIC CABIN CLIMB WIDE S. CMFRT ST EVO-ACT DU-MO. LTR INFOTAINMENT + 4.1 SOUNDSYSTEM SUN BLINDS Rear View Mirror Elec+Spheric LED LIGHTING PACKAGE - FULL PROFI PLUS Premium Pkg-NovAtel Ballast Weight 3300 Kg WHEEL BALLAST WEIGHT 2x1250kg 2-CIRC BRAKE w/ steering brake 620mm Wide x1840mm Long Fender REAR DUAL WHEEL AXLE HUBS ADDITIONAL TOOL BOX FD IF650/65R38 TB DUALS D IF750/75R46 TB DUALS SPACER PACKAGE 15.5" (394 mm) SPACER PACKAGE 17.75" (450 mm) LABELING INST-NORTH AMERICA Proposition 65 Decal Extremity Light Extension Kit
Hours 298
Location Pierre
Phone +18886601405

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