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Precision Planting

Plant precisely and purposefully, with Precision Planting

Simple technology to optimize your farming operation

Precision Planting technologies strive to position growers for maximum success across multiple planting variables: planting windows; seed depth and placement; consistent emergence; soil environment; fertilizer positioning; and planter performance. Adversity in the field, when met with smarter tools for farming operation, results in consistent and optimal yield across variable soil conditions, even with a hybrid crop. Plant precisely and purposefully, with Precision Planting.

Do more with what you have.

Unlock the untapped potential of your planter with upgrades and enhancements from Precision Planting’s line of products. Precision Planting brings new technology to existing implements, equipping your planter to operate smarter without needing to upgrade machines. Place seeds at precise depth and feed crops with precise subterranean fertilizer introduction as you move across variable fields, automatically adjusting along the way. Planting a hybrid mix this season? Precision Planting empowers you to adjust on the fly between hybrid seed, right in the field. Yes, perhaps “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” but Precision has solutions for any grower to do what they’re doing already, but better.

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