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Fully Maintained Rental Contracts

Full-service rental contracts from Butler Rental

Whether you need to rent a machine for a day, a week, a month, or longer, Butler Rental and Butler Machinery are here to assist. We offer a wide variety of equipment rental options with applications in construction, mining, and many other industries. Our fully maintained rental contract also includes late-model and work-ready Cat machines.

We have extensive experience in providing customers with turnkey machine rental options. The only variable costs to the customer are operator expenses and fuel. Maintenance can be scheduled to meet your needs to ensure maximum production and efficiency. Our fully maintained rental contracts can be tailored to your specific needs.

Heavy equipment rental terms & conditions
  • Rates do not include any sales, use, or property taxes
  • Rental begins when machine leaves Butler Machinery yard and ends when it returns
  • Rental rates are based upon electric hour meter usage
  • Premium rental rates may apply due to excessive wear in abnormal or extreme applications
  • Machines subject to availability
  • Rental costs are based on 4-week rates (160 hours), weekly rates (40 hours), and daily rates (8 hours)
  • Machines will be delivered with a minimum of 20% fuel
  • Refer to Rental Contract for the full Terms & Conditions.
Freight terms & conditions
  • Rental machines are F.O.B. the machine’s specific location
  • Rental machines can be returned to nearest Butler Machinery location
  • Delivery arrangements are available from Butler Machinery Transport Division upon request
Customer responsibilities
  • Provide all wearable items, including ground-engaging tools (i.e. cutting edges, ripper tips, etc.)
  • Provide fuel, operators, engine and cab air filters, fuel filters, and grease
  • Maintain rental equipment’s daily service points as specified in lube and maintenance manual
  • Provide adequate insurance
  • Repair or replace any damage to machine over $1,000, including broken glass
  • Compensate Butler Rental for abnormal wear of tires, including cuts and abrasions
  • Accept all liability for any injury or loss
  • Make rental payments in advance, unless given prior approval by Butler Rental and Butler Machinery
  • Pay assembly and disassembly costs associated with transport of rental equipment
  • Pay cleanup charges for excessively dirty machines

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