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3512C Offshore Generator Set

3512C Offshore Generator Set

Engine Specifications

Aspiration Turbocharged-Aftercooled
Bore 6.7 in
Displacement 3161 in³
Emissions EPA Tier 2, IMO II
Engine Control ADEM A3
Fuel System EUI
Maximum Rating 1700 kV·A
Minimum Rating 1470 kV·A
Oil Change Interval 500 h
Stroke 7.5 in
Weight 33300 lb


Height 91 in
Length 214.5 in
Width 71.9 in

Capacity for Liquids

Cooling System - Engine 41.5 gal (US)
Lube Oil System - Refill 84 gal (US)

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Offshore Power Brochure
3512C Offshore Generator Set 1030 ekW (1470 kVA) 1101 bkW (1478 bhp) 60 Hz (1200 rpm)

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