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Energy Time Shift  (ETS) Module

Energy Time Shift (ETS) Module


More Comfort – More Performance – More Versatility

  • Up to 1260 kilowatts

    Generator set transient-assist enables operation of highly-efficient lean-burn gas gensets in island mode,  shutdown of one or more gensets for fuel savings,​ and achievement of high power quality on highly transient loads​

  • Up to 7 hours Continuous Power with Energy Capacity Expansion modules

    Enables arbitrage of large blocks of energy, utility peak shaving, smoothing of intermittent high-penetration renewables, facility backup from outages, improved power quality and ancillary services to grid

  • Over 100+ megawatts Parallel-ready

    Multiple modules used in parallel increase total output

Technical Summary

Application Peak Shaving
Module Type Energy Time Shift
Nameplate Energy Capacity 1518 kWh
Nameplate Power 570 kW | 1000 kW

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Energy Time Shift module
BDP1000 Inverter
Electric Power Ratings Guide

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