Chisel Plows


Shatter The Toughest Yield Barrier

Tough conditions and compacted fields call for a tough machine. That’s why the Sunflower Model 2433 is the heaviest chisel plow we build. The rugged 4 X 6-inch tubular steel tongue, for example, extends from front to rear beneath the framework and is bolted to each bar to distribute stress across the entire frame.

Take your choice of rigid, rigid shear bolt or spring cushion shanks spaced on 12 centers, for shattering compaction while attaining good soil mix and residue flow across the full cutting width. There’s no better way to improve water and nutrient infiltration over the winter than to break up hardpan and rough up the soil surface in the fall during your post harvest tillage operation. And with sizes to match even the largest high horsepower tractors, you can cover
a large number of acres before the snow flies.


  • Self-Leveling all Welded Frame
  • Adjustable Hitch
  • Single Point Depth Control
  • Shear Bolt or Spring Cushion Shanks
  • Walking Tandem Wheels
  • Gauge Wheels
  • Multiple Finishing Attachments
  • Models from 25™ to 41™