Challenger MT575E

Manufacturer AGCO
Make Challenger
Industry Agriculture
Category Tractors
Subcategory Row Crop Tractors
Class 100+ HP
Location of Assembly Beauvais, France
ISO Horsepower (Gross Power)
(hp) 200
Rated Engine rpm 2100
Maximum hp @ Engine rpm 240
Max Torque Nm @ Engine rpm 649 lb-ft (880nm) @ 1431
ECE R24 Horsepower (Net Power)
Rated Engine rpm  2100
PTO Horsepower
hp 165
Rated Engine rpm 2100
PTO hp @ Rated PTO Speed (1000 PTO rpm) 187.5 @ 2034
Maximum Drawbar hp (Unballasted) (PFA) hp @ Rated 135.2 @ 2100
Fuel Consumption
gph @ Rated Engine rpm 10.21 @ 2100
hp. h/gal @ Rated Engine rpm 17.31 @ 2100
gph @ Rated PTO Speed (1000 PTO rpm) 10.51 @ 2034
hp. h/gal @ Rated PTO Speed (1000 PTO rpm) 17.83 @ 2034
gph @ Maximum DBhp Unballasted
hp.h/gal @ Maximum DBhp Unballasted 14.06 @ 2100
Official Test Data Nebr. OECD Test 2705
Model 66CTA or 74CTA
Engine Emission Level Tier 4i
After Treatment Method e3 SCR Technology
# of Cylinders 6
Valves per Cylinder 4
Total Displacement (CID) 402
Cylinder Liners Wet w/ midliner support
Aspiration/Charge Cooling Turbocharged – Air Aftercooled
Starting Aid Thermostart
Cooling System
Type of pump Pressurized Liquid, Forced Circulation
Fan type 9 blade, viscous clutch
Fan Reverser (std/opt)
Air Intake System
Air Cleaner Type 2-Dry Donaldson FPG10
Exhaust System Treatment
Type Vertical
Component Location RH A post
Fuel Injection System
Injection Pump Type Rotary Bosch VP30
Fuel Filters (#/microns) One-30 micron, One- 5 micron
Electrical System
Starting and Charging Voltage 12-Volt Negative Ground
Alternator (Std/Opt) Twin 120 Amps (175 Amp)
Battery Amperage V/ Ah/ CCA Two-600 CCA
Standard Transmission
Type Variable Transmission-25 mph (40 kph)
Manufacturers Description Dyna-VT
Number of Forward/Reverse Gears Infinite (2 ranges)
Number of Forward/Reverse
Gears w/Creeper
Max Speed Forward (mph) @ rpm /Reverse (mph) 31 / 23.6
Full Shuttle Reverser (yes/no) Left-Side Steering Column
Optional Transmission
Type Variable Transmission-31 mph (50 kph)
Manufacturers Description Dyna-VT
Number of Forward/Reverse Gears Infinite (2 ranges)
Number of Forward/Reverse Gears w/Creeper Infinite
Max Speed Forward (mph) @ rpm /Reverse (mph)
Full Shuttle Reverser (yes/no) Left-Side Steering Column
Power Take-Off
PTO Type Independent
Independent (clockwise)
540 rpm (6 spline shaft) 540 @ 1890 Engine rpm Dyna-6
540 @ 1932 Engine rpm Dyna-VT
1000 rpm 1000 @ 2000 Engine rpm Dyna-6
1000 @ 1903 Engine rpm Dyna-VT
Economy PTO, 540 or 1000 rpm @ Engine rpm 540E @ 1524 Engine rpm Dyna-6
540E @ 1488 Engine rpm Dyna-VT
Front PTO
Rotation Clockwise (Field Installed)
540 rpm (6 spline shaft)
1000 rpm (21 spline shaft) Optional
Rear Axle & Final Drive
Rear Axle Type Short or Long 95 mm Bar
Differential Lock Type Electro-hydraulic
(full engagement/disengagement)
Final Drive Type Double reduction inboard planetary
4WD Front Axle
Differential Lock Type Full Locking, electro hydraulic
Max Steering Angle (degrees) 55
Suspended Front Axle
Type Quadlink, Suspended Front Axle Standard on Deluxe and Premium
Service Brakes Type Inboard Wet Disc
Parking Brake Type Hand Operated Lever, Multi-Disc, Acts on Pinion
Hydraulic Trailer Brakes (std/opt) Optional
Air Compressor Trailer Brakes (std/opt) Optional
System Type Closed Center (PFC)
Total Pump Flow (gpm) 29
Optional Pump Flow (gpm) 39
Rated Flow @ One SCV (gpm) 24.3
Operating Pressure (psi) 2900
Remote Control Valves Available (std/opt) 4
Three Point Hitch
ASAE Hitch Category Category III/IIIN
Lift Capacity @ 24″ (lb) 12500 AutoPower VI 11650 TechStar CVT
Optional Lift Capacity @ 24″ (lb)
Lift Capacity @ ball/ hook ends (lb)
Front 3 Point Hitch (yes or no) Optional
Front Lift Capacity (lb) 8800
Drawbar Type Category 2 with clevis
Drawbar Vertical Load, Static Max (lb) 6613
Drawbar Vertical Load, Optional (lb)
Drawbar Ground Clearance (in)
Cab Sound Level dB(A) 70.4
Internal Volume (ft3) 100.9
Glass Area (ft2) 61
Cab Doors (std/opt) 2
Cab Suspension Type Hydraulic Cab Suspension, Standard on Deluxe and Premium
Decelerator/Accelerator Pedal (std/opt) Hand and Foot throttle
Standard Seat
Type Air suspended seat
Type of Suspension Air suspension
Optional Seat
Type Sears Deluxe
Type of Suspension Air Suspension
Type of Gauges (Digital/Analog) Digital and Analog
Electrical Connectors
Trailer Plug Standard, Rear-Mounted 7 Terml ASAE
In-Cab 12V Power Plug One 12V, and One- three spade power plug
Implement Connector 9 Pin ISO
4WD Dimensions
Wheelbase (in) 117
Overall Length w/ Front Weights (in) 200.2
Min Overall Shipping Width (in)
Height Over Cab (in) 120.8
Standard Tire Size – Front 16.9R28 (420/85R28)
Standard Tire Size – Rear 18.4R42 (480/80R42)
Front Wheel Track, 4WD, min-max (in)
Rear Wheel Track, 4WD, min-max (in)
Turn Radius (ft-in) @ Tire Size 16.6
Approximate Shipping Weight (lbs) 17000
Fuel Tank-Standard (g) 114
Fuel Tank-Optional (g) 11 G Diesel Exhaust Fluid Tank
DEF Tank (g)