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1042_front_ne_cropped_webINTRODUCING The NEW Challenger 1000 Series Tractors! The WORLD’S FIRST 500+ HP FIXED-FRAME TRACTOR!


Challenger MT700 SeriesLEADER OF THE TRACK

Introducing the MT700 Series with CVT track tractors. The MT700 Series inherits common architecture from the Challenger 1000, the most technologically advanced tractor available today.

Engineered with all the capabilities Challenger is known for, along with an innovative suite of on-board intelligence upgrades developed to boost productivity and decision-making for your operation, the MT700 Series has been designed with two things in mind — you and your business. Featuring an Acc-VTTM Transmission, providing optimal coordination with the engine for peak performance and productivity across multiple applications. During field operations, torque is transferred flexibly, resulting in tremendous pulling power.

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Model HP Transmission Engine Weight
MT738 380 Accu-VT™ AGCO POWER 9.8L 33,667
MT740 405 Accu-VT™ AGCO POWER 9.8L 33,667
MT743 431 Accu-VT™ AGCO POWER 9.8L 33,667
Model HP PTO HP Engine Weight
MT755E 355 285 AGCO POWER 9.8L 30,131
MT765E 380 310 AGCO POWER 9.8L 30,131
MT775E 405 335 AGCO POWER 9.8L 30,131

The best ton-for-ton tractor just got bigger and stronger and now delivers even greater horsepower than ever before. The MT700E Series features the AGCO POWER, 9.8L engine armed with up to 400 hp for tackling the most demanding conditions with unmatched lugging ability for maximum productivity.

All models feature the exclusive Mobil-trac undercarriage system, which keeps you in constant contact with the ground for better traction and reduced slip.


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Model HP PTO HP Engine Weight
MT645D 240 205 AGCO POWER 8.4L 24,250
MT655D 265 225 AGCO POWER 8.4L 24,250
MT665D 290 250 AGCO POWER 8.4L 24,250
MT675D 320 275 AGCO POWER 8.4L 24,250
MT685D 340 290 AGCO POWER 8.4L 24,250
Model HP PTO HP Engine Weight
MT645E 240 205 AGCO POWER 8.4L 23,810
MT655E 260 225 AGCO POWER 8.4L 23,810
MT665E 285 250 AGCO POWER 8.4L 23,810
MT675E 320 275 AGCO POWER 8.4L 23,810
MT685E 340 290 AGCO POWER 8.4L 23,810

The MT600 Series are productive tools designed for maximum fuel and operator efficiency.They represent the combination of power, comfort, technology and pure performance that you™ve come to expect from a name like Challenger.

All MT600 Series tractors are equipped with AGCO Power engines, which guarantee precision power and high performance. The TechStar, CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) is standard on all models, providing variable speed control with optimum power,engine speed and fuel efficiency, resulting in a significant gain of output and productivity.


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Model HP PTO HP Engine Weight
MT515D 120 110 AGCO POWER 6.6L 15,060
MT525D* 130 110 AGCO POWER 6.6L 15,060
MT535D 150 120 AGCO POWER 6.6L 15,060
MT545D 165 130 AGCO POWER 6.6L 14,528
MT555D 170 140 AGCO POWER 6.6L 14,528
MT565D 180 150 AGCO POWER 6.6L 17,328
MT575D 200 165 AGCO POWER 6.6L 17,328
MT585D 220 180 AGCO POWER 7.4L 24,250
MT595D 240 195 AGCO POWER 7.4L 24,250
Model HP PTO HP Engine Weight
MT555E 170 145 AGCO POWER 6.6L 15,060
MT565E 185 155 AGCO POWER 6.6L 17,000
MT575E 200 165 AGCO POWER 7.4L 17,000
MT585E 220 180 AGCO POWER 7.4L 17,000
MT595E 240 200 AGCO POWER 7.4L 17,000

*110 PTO HP MT525D comes with the AutoPower 6 transmission and the TechStar CVT. The 120 PTO HP MT525D comes with the AutoPower 4 transmission.

The rugged and reliable Challenger MT500 Series takes on your toughest jobs with the power to quickly turn them into finished jobs. Their strength comes from the AGCO Power Tier 4i compliant engine with e3 SCR clean-air technology, which features four valves per cylinder and a new injector location for even more efficient combustion.

The TechStar CVT is a clutchless, stepless transmission, which means less maintenance and a truly smooth ride. The industry-exclusive power management helps the engine and transmission work together on the most efficient setting.


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Model PTO HP Engine Weight*
MT455D 90 AGCO POWER 4.9L 11,900 lbs
MT465D 100 AGCO POWER 4.9L 12,500 lbs
MT475D 100 AGCO POWER 4.9L 12,500 lbs
MT485D 115 AGCO POWER 4.9L 12,500 lbs
MT495D 120 AGCO POWER 4.9L 12,500 lbs

Each MT400D tractor offers multiple configurations and options to tailor the machine to the exact needs of the job at hand. The entire line-up boasts an EPA Tier 4i compliant 4-cylinder engine from AGCO Power and ranges from 90 to 120 PTO HP. Designed with comfort and versatility in mind, the MT400D tractors are an ideal fit for loader work, hay production, planting, tillage and general on-the-farm use. Each model is available exclusively in a cab configuration and 4WD front axle.


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Model HP PTO HP Wheel Base Weight
700 Vario 145-240 100-195 109-110 in 14,561
800 Vario 220-280 185-245 114 in 15,480
900 Vario 240-360 200-300 120 in 22,223
Model HP kW
1038 Vario 380 279
1042 Vario 420 309
1046 Vario 460 338
1050 Vario 500 368


Meet the economical line of Fendt tractors from AGCO, featuring the Fendt Vario transmission, the Variotronic control unit and a comfortable, panoramic cab.

The Vario transmission is a hydrostatic-mechanical power split drive. When speeds increase, the mechanical power transmitted through the planetary set increases. The hydrostats and a high operating pressure ensure exceptional efficiency.