TerraGator TG9300

Manufacturer AGCO
Make TerraGator Chassis
Industry Agriculture
Category Application Equipment
Subcategory Sprayer
Class Floater
Location of Assembly Jackson, MN USA
Region Primarily Sold North America
Models within Systems
Make Caterpillar
Model C13
Certification Tier III
(hp) 425 @ 2100 rpm
Peak (hp) 459 @ 1800 rpm
Number of Cylinders 6
Displacement (cu in) 763
Peak Torque (ft-lbs) 1510 @ 1400 rpm
Std Alternator Amp 200
Opt Alternator Amp
Battery(s) 3 – 1000CCA w/disconnect
Type Power Shift
Make / Model Cat TA22
4-Wheel Drive
Shifting Push Buttons On Gear Selector
Number of Fwd/Rev Gears 16/3
Max Speed Fwd/Rev (mph) 39.9/15.6
1st Gear Fwd/Rev (mph)
2nd Gear Fwd/Rev (mph)
3rd Gear Fwd/Rev (mph)
4th Gear Fwd/Rev (mph)
5th Gear (mph)
6th Gear (mph)
Type / Material ASTM grade 70 Tubular Steel, cold formed (cut free)
Shape / Size Rectangle / 4″ x 12″ w .5″ welded top & bottom
Construction Ladder style welded cross members
Front Suspension Rigid front axle frame mount
Rear Suspension Rigid rear axle to frame mount
Front Axle Type Free Wheeling
Rear Axle Type Axle Tech PRLC-1735, double reduction outboard planetary
Front Axle Rated Capacity (lb) 14000
Rear Axle Rated Capacity (lb) 54000
Total Rated Capacity (lb) 68000
Dry Compatible
Crop Clearance (in)
Front Tires 1050/50R32 Michelin or
Goodyear radial
Rear Tires 1050/50R32 Michelin or
Goodyear radial
Floatation Tires
Hydraulic Tread Adjust
Wheel Tread Spacing (in)
Turn Radius (ft-in) @ Tire Size 22.9
– Optional 4-Wheel Steer
Service Brakes Type “S” Cam Drum, Double
Diaphragm Springs
Park Brake Type Spring Applied Air Release
Cab Placement Center
Floor Space (sq ft) 14
Glass Area (sq ft) 60
Steering Type Dynamic Load Sense
HVAC Automatic Temperature Control
Filtration Three Level Activated Carbon
Std Radio AM/FM Stereo/CD-MP3
Capable/Weather Band
Seat Suspension Type Semi Active Seat Suspension w/
heated cushions
Optional Seat Semi Active with Leather
Covering or Air Ride
Buddy Seat N/A
Electrical Connectors
In-Cab Three auxiliary power outlets
Fuel Tank (g) 200
Optional Fuel Tank (g)
Rinse Tank (g) 135
Hand Wash Tank (g) 8
Chassis Hydraulic Reservoir (g) 11.9
Engine Oil (qt) 42.4
Engine Coolant (qt) 40
Gear Box (qt)
Windshield Reservoir (qt) 1.6
Foam Marker (g)
Pressure Washer (psi) Optional 2000
Systems Hydraulic Reservoir (g)
Air System
Compressor / Drive Engine Mounted
Reservoir Size (g) 16.5
Governor (psi) 120
Wheelbase (ft) 20.74
Overall Length (ft) 28.5
Overall Width (ft) 11.17
Overall Height (ft) 11.63
Approximate Empty Weight (lb) 26060
Approximate Full Weight (lb)
Chassis Front Weight (lb) 12100
Chassis Rear Weight (lb) 13960
Weight Distributions
Empty Racked % Front/Rear
Full Racked % Front/Rear
Empty Spraying % Front/Rear
Full Spraying % Front/Rear
For Use With Chassis
Product System
Total Bin Capacity (cu ft)
Micro Nutrient Bin Capacity (cu ft)
Co Applicator Liquid Capaicty
Co Application Product Pump
Liquid Co Applicator Flow Meter
Hopper Material
Hopper Cover
Metering System
Rate Controller/ Model
CFM (cfm)
Boom Options
Width (ft)
Boom Tip Breakaway (ft)
Nozzle Spacing (in)
Plumbing Material
Boom Tube Size (in)
Fluid Capacities
System Hydraulic Reservoir (g)
Foam Marker Optional (g)
Rinse Tank (g)
Reload (in)
Chemical Eductor
Size (g)
Rinse Capability
Dimensions & Weights
Overall Length (in)
Overall Height (in)
Overall Width (in) Total Weight (lbs)
For Use With Chassis
Product System
Tank Capacity (g)
Tank Material
Foam Marker (g) Rate Controller Reload (in)
Flow Meter (in) Product Pump
Max Flow 80′ Boom (gpm)
System Hydraulic Fluid (g)
Boom Options
Width (ft)
Height Range (in)
Tip Breakaway (ft)
Full Boom Breakaway Nozzle Spacing (in) Plumbing Material Plumbing Size (in) Sections
Chemical Eductor
Size (g)
Rinse Tank
Capacity (g)
Dimensions & Weights
Overall Length 60/80 (ft)
Overall Length Straight 80 (ft)
Overall Width (ft) Overall Height (ft)
Approximate System Weight (lb)