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CW34 Pneumatic Roller

CW34 Pneumatic Roller

Versatile. Flexible. Productive.


Average Weight per Wheel 3571 lb
Average Weight per Wheel - Maximum Ballast 7451 lb
Average Weight per Wheel - No Ballast 2755 lb
Operating Weight - Maximum Ballast 59525 lb
Operating Weight - Maximum Water Ballast 28660 lb
Operating Weight - Maximum Wet Sand Ballast 35275 lb
Operating Weight - No Ballast 22050 lb
Operating Weight - Standard Machine Empty 22050 lb

Operating Specifications

Compaction Width 82 in
Ground Clearance 10 in
Number of Wheels 8
Rolling Width 82 in
Travel Speed - Maximum 12 mile/h
Turning Radius - Inside (1) 240 in
Turning Radius - Inside (2) 20 ft
Turning Radius - Outside 342 in


Bore 4.13 in
Engine Model C4.4
Gross Power 133 HP
Stroke 5 in


Height - ROPS 118 in
Height - Steering Wheel 96 in
Maximum Machine Height 118 in
Overall Length 210 in
Overall Width 85 in


Tires 13/80 R20

Service Refill Capacities

Fuel Tank Capacity 71 gal (US)
Water Spray Tank Capacity 100 gal (US)

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