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AP1055 Mobil-Trac Paver

AP1055 Mobil-Trac Paver

Proven Performance and Reliability

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More Comfort ‚Äď More Performance ‚Äď More Versatility

  • Advanced Technology

    Integrated generator is designed for the life of the paver.

  • Up To 15% More Fuel Efficient

    More fuel efficient with integrated generator and advanced eco-mode.

  • Fast and Simple Operation

    with screed heat-up in as little as 15 minutes.


Operating Length 22.3 ft
Operating Width 10.8 ft
Overall Height 12.25 ft
Paving Range with SE60 FM 3.0 m - 7.8 m (10' - 25' 6")
Paving Range with SE60 V 3.0 m - 7.65 m (9' 10" - 25')
Paving Range with SE60 V XW 3.0 m - 10 m (10' - 33')
Paving Range with SE60 VT XW 3.0 m - 10 m (10' - 33')
Transport Height 9.7 ft
Transport Length 21.9 ft
Transport Width 9.8 ft


Engine Model (1) Cat C7.1
Engine Power (1) 225 HP

Operating Specifications

Inside Turn Radius 1.5 ft
Maximum Paving Speed 210 ft/min
Maximum Paving Speed - With Tamper Bar Screed 82 ft/min
Maximum Throughput Capacity 1602 ton(US)/h
Maximum Travel Speed 9 mile/h


Operating weight with SE60 FM 45352 lb
Operating weight with SE60 V 45087 lb
Operating weight with SE60 V XW 46573 lb
Shipping Weight - Paver Only 36800 lb

Service Refill Capacities

Cooling System 12 gal (US)
DEF Tank 5 gal (US)
Fuel Tank Capacity 92 gal (US)
Hydraulic Oil Tank 58 gal (US)
Washdown Tank 7.9 gal (US)

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