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Seal Kits


Seal Kits


When it comes to versatility, it’s hard to beat Cat seal general use kits. With a broad range of material options and sizes, these time- and money-saving kits are built to tackle repairs on the go.

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O-Ring Seal Kit: 16 Sizes, 150 Seals, Nitrile, 90 Duro
O-Ring Seal Kit: 8 Sizes, 120 Seals, Nitrile, 90 Duro
O-Ring Seal Kit: SAE STOR Fittings, SAE ORFS Fittings, SAE Code 61 Flanges, SAE Code 62 Flanges, 32 Sizes, 570 Seals, Nitrile, 90 Dur
Rectangular Seal Kit: 9 Sizes, 80 Seals, Nitrile, 90 Duro

* Some restrictions apply. Offer valid online only through 8/31/2024. Butler Machinery reserves the right to change or withdraw the offer at any time.

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