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Horsch Joker RX

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Advantages in Primary Tillage Applications:

  • Recondition and level fields after harvest as a first stept to the next seasons seedbed
  • Excellent for sizing, incorporating and mulching post-harvest resides to kick-start decomposition
  • Effectively secures residue to prevent losses due to wind
  • Sustainable post-harvest weed control
  • Proven for use in terminating a wide variety of cover crops
  • Leveling action helps with field conditioning by eliminating of ruts, clumps, furrows, ridges, raised beds and conditions after root crop harvesting
  • Depth is gauged by the RollFlex finishing system, providing full-width depth control for precise tillage


Advantages in Secondary Tillage/Seedbed Preparation Applications:

  • Creates ideal seedbed for higher speed planting and seeding
  • Creates uniform soil structure and density that enhances seed placement performance of seeders and planters
  • Ideal complementary concept for single pass seedbed preparation following disc rippers, moldboard plows, chisel plows or sub-soilers
  • Provides additional residue sizing / incorporation to promote accelerated decomposition, unlocking nutrient value of residue for future crop growth
  • Thoroughly incorporates spread granular fertilizer and enhances the efficacy of pre-emerge herbicide applications
  • Firms and secures soil through consolidation to prevent wind erosion

Joker RX Specifications

Model Working Width Number of Discs Hitching Finishing System
RX20 20 ft 10 in 50 Draw Bar CAT IV / Optional CAT V RingFlex/OptiRoll
RX25 25 ft 10 in 62 Draw Bar CAT IV / Optional CAT V RingFlex/OptiRoll
RX30 30 ft 10 in 74 Draw Bar CAT IV / Optional CAT V RingFlex/OptiRoll
RX35 (3 Section) 35 ft 10 in 86 Draw Bar CAT IV / Optional CAT V RingFlex/OptiRoll
RX40 40 ft 10 in 98 Draw Bar CAT IV / Optional CAT V RingFlex/OptiRoll

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