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Get a head start on a career as a Diesel Technician

Program objective

The objective of our co-op program is for college students to get hands-on experience with heavy equipment, ag equipment and diesel industry. We provide students with an experience that is second to none by bringing education to hands-on. The co-op program at Butler Machinery Company gives students exposure through on-the-job training completed alongside a full-time service technician mentor.

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At Butler Machinery, co-op students will get experience working alongside and learning from some of the best and brightest technicians in the industry. Our intentions are to develop future diesel service technicians who possess critical thinking, problem solving, communication and interpersonal skills, who want to grow a career in the Butler service skills. Grow your career at Butler through our supportive, hands-on, real-world co-op program. They will be exposed to satellite-based navigation systems, sophisticated computer-based diagnostics, electronically-controlled engines, state-of-the-art hydraulics and more.

Did you know that 60-70% of jobs are in technical fields? That means the traditional four-year college degree is no longer the only option!


Butler Machinery’s co-op program has many benefits to students, such as the potential for a lucrative, successful, lifelong career as a diesel service technician. Through this experience, students can expect to get:

  •  Specific training on all Butler equipment lines
  •  The potential for full-time employment as a technician with Butler Machinery
  •  Opportunity for future advancement and career development
  •  Entry-level training for a high-paying, in-demand job as a diesel service technician
  •  Experience with being part of a great team, in a respectful, safe and fun work environment
  •  Great benefits and lifestyle await you in a future diesel service technician career


– Listens well and communicates effectively
– Is willing to learn
– Enjoys physical, hands-on work
– Wants to be challenged
– Can solve problems
– Takes pride in his or her work
– Is a team player
– Is 16 years old, or older (requirement)

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If you are still unsure if Butler Machinery’s co-op program is right for you or your student, we’d love to connect with you to provide more information and answer your questions, introduce you to our team, set up a day to job shadow us or give you a tour of a Butler store. To help guide you a little further, we can also give you access to a free career aptitude test to see if a future in the equipment industry is right for you.

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