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Leadership Development

Lead Yourself

The Lead Yourself program is a carefully crafted initiative tailored for individuals seeking to make an investment in their personal growth and development at Butler Machinery Company. In the realm of career advancement, the term “leadership” is frequently encountered. It is important to highlight that “leadership” is not the same as “management.” Being a leader goes beyond the usual levels of authority at Butler, and this program is designed to help each person look inside themselves and find areas where they can grow personally. As participants progress through the program, they will encounter three fundamental categories: Butler Mission & Values, Ownership & Character, and Communication & Trust. By engaging in online coursework, exploring recommended books and podcasts, and receiving guidance from a dedicated mentor or leader, participants will acquire the skills necessary to take deliberate strides towards self-leadership and effectively influence others.


The Fundamentals of Butler Leadership has been specifically designed and tailored to our business to develop strong and consistent leaders. Butler understands that leadership is much more than a position or job title—it’s about creating positive transformations throughout our organization.

During this program, you will discover practical, engaging, and relevant techniques that give leaders the tools needed to elevate their effectiveness and build relationships. We have learned that leaders who intentionally nurture an environment of honesty, mutual trust, and respect tend to drive stronger performance, exceptional customer service—and ultimately—improved business results. This coursework will inspire and empower each person to create a framework of effective and sustainable leadership practices.

The duration of this program is five months, with one week dedicated to each month. Each week focuses on a distinct topic aimed at developing the skills and knowledge required for leadership.


Butler’s Mentorship Training program is designed specifically for individuals currently employed at Butler who possess remarkable leadership potential. The primary role of a mentor at Butler Machinery is to train and acclimate new team members to our culture and working environment.  This training is an excellent opportunity for those eager to enhance their skills and prepare themselves for a mentorship role within their respective teams. It offers a platform to practice and cultivate their leadership abilities, even without an official managerial title.

Our mentorship training program serves as a stepping stone toward developing essential qualities and capabilities that contribute to effective leadership. By participating in this program, individuals will gain valuable experience in guiding and supporting others, becoming valuable resources for knowledge transfer and skill development. It is an ideal avenue for those who aspire to make a difference by helping others learn and grow.

Candidates for this training program are nominated by management, recognizing their potential to excel in future leadership positions. Through our meticulously designed curriculum, participants will undergo a comprehensive preparation course, equipping them with the necessary tools and strategies to thrive as mentors and leaders.

By joining our Mentorship Training program, individuals will unlock their potential to positively impact their teams and the organization. They will gain the confidence and expertise required to lead and inspire others, creating an environment conducive to growth and success.

State of the Art Training Center

Butler Machinery has always put a high priority toward providing the best possible training for our associates.  It is evident in the training classrooms, curriculum and the one of a kind training center.

Auditorium:  Holds up to 74 people
Classrooms:  5 classrooms – *can accommodate 100 people in training at any given time.
Instructors:  3 full-time training instructors that train on Heavy, Agriculture, Industrial and Engines. We have a current course offering of over 50 classes.
Lab: Strictly used for training purposes.
Shop: The design of the shop roof is to be able to fit an excavator in with the boom up.


At Butler Machinery Company, we believe in the power of continuous learning and growth. That’s why we are committed to providing additional training opportunities for employees across all career paths. We understand that the professional landscape is constantly evolving, and in order to stay competitive and excel in their respective roles, our employees need to enhance their skills and knowledge base. Whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting your career with us, we offer a comprehensive range of training programs designed to meet your specific needs.

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