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Cat® Water Delivery System Factory Option

Cat® Water Delivery System Factory Option

Manage Haul Road Dust with an Efficient Water Delivery System.

More Comfort – More Performance – More Versatility

  • Conserves Water

    Uses 25-50% less water compared to conventional systems.

  • Saves Fuel

    Reduces fuel consumption by an average of 14% with efficient pump control.

  • Water cannon operates at idle, reducing fuel consumption during cannon operationby up to 50%.


Cannon Capacity 2,839 liters per min up to 60 meters (750 gallons per min up to 200 ft)
Water Coverage 0.8 L/m² at speeds of 4 to 40 kph (0.02 gal/ft² at speeds of 3 to 25 mph)

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Water Delivery System Overview
Water Delivery System Features
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