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P218 Secondary Pulverizer

P218 Secondary Pulverizer


Crushing Force - Cutter Tip 192 Sh Ton
Crushing Force - Tooth Tip 107 Sh Ton
Cutting Force - Blade Center 351 Sh Ton
Cycle Time - Close 1.2 s
Cycle Time - Open 1.8 s

Hydraulic Requirements

Jaw Circuit - Max. Oil Flow 59 gal/min
Jaw Circuit - Max. Oil Pressure 4786 psi

Dimensions - Jaw

Cutter Length 5.9 in
Jaw Depth 30.3 in
Jaw Opening - Maximum 42.1 in
Jaw Width - Fixed 24.4 in
Jaw Width - Moveable 13.2 in

Dimensions - Housing + Jaw

Height 57.1 in
Length 97 in
Width 24.4 in


Weight - Housing, Jaw and Bracket 4409 lb

Recommended Carrier Weight

Excavator Maximum 25000 kg (55100 lb)
Excavator Minimum 18000 kg (39700 lb)

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