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Multi-Processor with Tank Shear Jaws

Used to cut storage tanks and plate steel producing straight, smooth cuts.

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Tank Shear jaws make short work of storage tanks and plate steel. Specially-designed jaws produce straight, smooth cuts on barges, railway cars and grain, water, oil and fuel tanks.

  • MP332 Tank Shear
    MP332 Tank Shear

    Cycle Time - Open
    1.9 s

    Cycle Time - Close
    1.3 s

    Cutting Force - Blade Tip
    792 Sh Ton

  • MP324 Tank Shear
    MP324 Tank Shear

    Cycle Time - Open
    1.8 s

    Cycle Time - Close
    1.2 s

    Cutting Force - Blade Throat
    488 Sh Ton

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