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Horsch Tillage Equipment

Joker RX

Experience the distinctive versatility of the RX Joker Series, providing customers with a multi-purpose tillage tool suitable for a wide range of applications. This exceptional tool incorporates time-tested technology alongside innovative enhancements like reliable oil-sealed bearings and a roll flex soil consolidation system, resulting in enhanced performance levels.

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RX20 20'
RX25 25'
RX30 30'
RX35 35'
RX40 40'

Omnis FT

The Horsch Omnis’ profile tillage creates a consistent and uniform soil structure throughout the entire soil profile, eliminating restrictions to root growth and improving soil dynamics overall.

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FT11 11'
FT16 16'
FT21 21'
FT26 26'

Tiger MT

Tiger MT has distinguished itself as the ultimate soil-working machine in high residues. It offers a 4-bar frame style with two bars being a heavy disk system which ensures reliable cutting and incorporation of residues, and the other two bars being the TerraGrip III shanks for deep loosening of soil and additional mixing action. This machine follows that up with a single row leveling disk system and a large 24-inch wheeled packer for effective seedbed preparation in all soil types.

Models: 3MT, 4MT, 5MT, 6MT and 8MT

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