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Massey-Fergurson Planters

Precise Planting, High Yields

Timing is crucial in farming, and Massey Ferguson® Planters have a rich history of precise planting, ensuring minimal downtime, wear, and maintenance. As a result, you can optimize your time and achieve exceptional yields. Massey Ferguson Planters offer precise and accurate planting, resulting in higher yields and reduced downtime. Not only are these planters efficient, but they offer many other benefits.

  • Manage Every Row Individually, in real-time
  • Large capacity for individual row units and central fill system
  • Heads Up Row Unit
  • Models Row
Models Row Spacing Meter Hopper Capacity Seed Hopper BU (L) Fertilizer
MFVF 12R30, 16R30, 24R30 Vacuum Electric 1.9 (67) or 90 (3172) CFS Liquid

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