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Windrowers and Headers

Hesston by Massey Ferguson stands out as the ultimate solution for generating superior quality hay in a quicker, more streamlined, and more comfortable manner than any other windrower available. Equipped with the capability to manage diverse crop situations, along with its comfortable cabins and impressive hydraulic capacity that enhances productivity significantly, your optimum hay production can be achieved through Hesston by Massey Ferguson.

Self-propelled Windrower Models

Models Engine HP Rate/Max Field Speed MPH Road Speed MPH Road Speed Rear Steer MPH Header Compatibility Approx. Weight w/o Header (KG)
WR197 AGCO Power 4.9L 197/208 17.5 22 24.5 Disc, Draper 11,305 (5,127)
WR235 AGCO Power 7.4L 235/250 17.5 22 24.5 Disc, Draper 11,420 (5,180)
WR265 AGCO Power 7.4L 265/282 17.5 22 24.5 Disc, Draper 11,420 (5,180)

Massey Ferguson Headers

  • MF9313 Disc Header
  • Single or Dual option | 13 ft
  • MF9316 Disc Header
  • Single or Dual option | 16 ft
  • MF5400 Draper header

9300 Series Disc Headers

You need your disc header to cut crop cleanly and effectively, then condition it before depositing it in a consistent swath. Our Hesston by Massey Ferguson® 9300 Series Razorbar disc headers do just that, offering industry-leading performance to maximize the value of your hay.

Manufacturer's Website
9313 S (Single) 13 (4) WR9950, WR9960, WR9970, WR9980
9313 D (Dual) 13 (4) WR9960, WR9970, WR9980
9316 S (Single) 16 (4.9) WR9960, WR9970, WR9980
9316 D (Dual) 16 (4.9) WR9960, WR9970, WR9980

Hesston by Massey Ferguson 5400 Series Draper Headers

We know you need a top-of-the-line draper header. That’s why we’ve taken the time to make sure no detail has been overlooked in the design of our 5400 Series headers. No matter what your operation needs, you can rest assured any of our 5400 Series headers will get the job done quickly and easily.

5400-40 40 (12.2)
5400-35 35 (10.7)
5400-30 30 (9.1)
5400-25 25 (7.6)
5400-20 20 (6.1)

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