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Unverferth Header Transports

  • header trailer

    Roadrunner Header Transport

    Road-ready for a high-speed harvest! The Unverferth Roadrunner header transport is specifically designed and constructed for longer-haul highway travel. The tri-cycle front axle allows for a tighter turning radius and greater maneuverability. Front and rear torsion flex axles and highway-speed rated tires ensure stable tracking.

  • AWS Fieldrunner Header Transport

    The patented Unverferth All Wheel Steer (AWS) header transport features front-to-rear steering reduction for the best in all-wheel steering maneuverability. Tight turns and approaches are no longer a nightmare with the AWS Fieldrunner header transport. Looking for the smoothest ride for your combine platform or draper? Choose the AWSP with rubber-cushioned suspension for greater over-the-road stability.

  • Fieldrunner Header Transport

    Unverferth Fieldrunner header transports are perfect for shorter road trips and moving from field to field. The exclusive rear-oscillating axle keeps all four wheels in full contact with the ground, even through ditches and valleys for optimum trailing.

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