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Killbros Grain Carts

Speed and Efficiency

Time-saving, high-capacity Killbros models in the 13 series feature dual-auger grain carts, the fastest unloading grain carts ever from Kilbros. The 20″ horizontal floor auger, heavy-duty direct-drive gearbox and 22″ vertical unloading auger combine to deliver unloading speeds up to 840 bushels per minute!

Features and Benefits

  • The unique drivetrain design features a dual belt drive for the 20″-diameter floor auger and a heavy duty, direct-drive gearbox for the 22″-diameter auger for superior unloading power and speed.
  • The downspout is hydraulically controlled for more precise grain placement in the center of the truck or semi-trailer, allowing operator to correct for alignment or terrain.
  • The upper portion of the unloading auger rests on the convenient flip-up stand during in-field transport for a quick return to the unloading position.
  • For road transport, the support stand flips down and the upper auger rests against the fixed lower auger for a narrow transport width.
  • Spindles are made of high-tensile steel and each are rated at full cart capacity for unmatched durability.

Undercarriage Options

  • Width-adjustable walking-tandem duals with independent front-to-rear operation for models 1111 and 1311 for smooth maneuverability over rough terrain.
  • 36″ x 130″ tracked undercarriage for model 1111, 36″ x 148″ tracked undercarriage for models 1311 and 1611 for smooth turning and minimal berming.
  • Hydraulic track tensioning adjustment for easier alignment.
  • Auto Greaser available for tracked undercarriage provides optimum lubrication of pivoting points for greater life.


  • Optional UHarvest, data management system provides full ISO terminal or tablet operation while it tracks, stores and sends detailed harvest information. Or choose a basic scale package for accurately weighing load contents.

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