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CLAAS Combines

CLAAS harvester at work in a field


Harvesting performance like never before

The optimized LEXION models are the most productive machines on the market – measured in terms of bushels. Even when operating in unfavorable conditions, they can be counted on to bring strength and maximum performance.

  • 8800/8800 TT
  • 8700/8700TT
  • 8600/8600TT
  • 7500/7500TT
  • 7400/7400TT


Discover the combine designed for your farm

For decades, CLAAS combines have set the standard for throughput and efficiency on farms across North America with the flagship LEXION models. Now the CLAAS lineup grows with the TRION combine. The TRION is specifically designed to fit the needs of your farm. Built on a proven chassis, it brings reliability and affordability together while being well-equipped like other CLAAS products.

Reliability. Affordability. Performance.

The Trion 740 combine is a blend of new innovations and proven components used in over 25,000 previous CLAAS combines.TRION is made with reliability, affordability, and performance that you have been asking for.

  • 740/740TT

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