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AGCO Heads

Fendt IDEAL 9300 Heads

Ideal header options are 30, 35, 40, 45, or 50 feet. The IDEAL 9300 header has PowerFlow, TerraControl™ leveling, and AutoDock™. PowerFlow helps with active and even crop flow and is known for its high performance and quality of work in laid crops. The TerraControl™ header leveling control is an automatic system that adapts to the field conditions. The Autodock™ means you can hook up the header without leaving the cab, and there is no effort needed to connect the PTO and hydraulic multicoupler. The AutoDock™ connects within seconds.

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Fendt IDEAL 9300 Heads

9330 9335 9340 9345 9350
Cutting width ft. (m) 30 (9.1) 35 (10.7) 40 (12.1) 45 (13.7) 50 (15.24)
Cutter bar float in. (m) 8 (203.2) 8 (203.2) 8 (203.2) 8 (203.2) 8 (203.2)
Cutter bar drive Dual mechanical Dual mechanical Dual mechanical Dual mechanical Dual mechanical

Gleaner 9300 Series DynaFlex® Headers

The 9300 Series DynaFlex® maximizes harvesting uptime, efficiency and productivity. Featuring a heavy-duty Hesston-designed and -built reel assembly and flywheel sickle drives plus narrower end shield profiles, it maximizes productivity throughout harvest. Other benefits include a fully flexible cutter bar with 8 inches of hydraulic travel and an integrated 12 degrees of hydraulic tilt with a mechanically driven cutter bar and draper belts. Combined with the variable speed belt, it allows you to manage an even feeding speed to capture as much of your crop as possible, leading to an optimal return on your investment.

Make the most of every grain with DynaFlex®.

Gleaner 9325, 9330, 9335, 9340 Models

Model 9325 9330 9335 9340
Cutting Width ft. (m) 25 (7.6) 30 (9.1) 35 (10.7) 40 (12.1)
Cutter Bar High capacity or SCH High capacity or SCH High capacity or SCH High capacity or SCH
Cutter Bar Float in. (mm) 8 (203.2) 8 (203.2) 8 (203.2) 8 (203.2)
Cutter Bar Drive Dual mechanical Dual mechanical Dual mechanical Dual mechanical
Variable Speed Side Draper ft./min (m/min) 384 (117.04) - 602 (183.49) 384 (117.04) - 602 (183.49) 384 (117.04) - 602 (183.49) 384 (117.04) - 602 (183.49)
Fixed Speed Side Draper ft./min (m/min) 557 (169.77) 557 (169.77) 557 (169.77) 557 (169.77)

Gleaner 3300 Corn Heads

The Command™ Series corn head delivers high capacity and fast harvesting rates with reduced header loss relative to both cobs and overall corn loss at the header itself. The low-density polyethylene snouts provide a smoother transition of crop into the head for smoother feeding transition without butt shelling and ear bounce. A large diameter, high-capacity auger provides unmatched feeding and transition of material into the feeder house for more capacity and better crop control.

Put it to work on your operation to take command of your harvest.

Gleaner 3300 Corn Head Options

Model 3308 3312
Rows 8 12
Row Spacing in. 30 30
Chopping Optional Optional
Auger Diameter in. 20 20

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