White Planter 9800VE Series

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Fast. Durable. Precise. When you get your planting equipment from Butler, you know you’re getting the most productive and reliable equipment on the market.

The next-generation White Planters™ 9800VE Series combines the tested White Planters design with cutting-edge Precision Planting® technologies. From the vSet® meter that can provide unrivaled accuracy across crops, seed sizes and conditions to the optional DeltaForce® variable down force system that gets seeds to the right depth without over-compacting the trench to the optional SpeedTube that enables accurate seed spacing at increased speeds, you’ll get top performance that you can see in real time on your 20/20 SeedSense® monitor.

White Planters are a leader in row crop seeding technology. No matter the crop, there’s a White Planter for the job. White Planters can be used for either conventional or conservation planting. The innovative White Planters seed metering system, with only one moving part, helps to maintain accuracy acre after acre.

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