Light Towers & Air Compressors for Rent

Allied Equipment Rentals from Butler Machinery

There are certain types of equipment that you might only need once in a while, and light towers and air compressors are excellent examples. You may require light towers to illuminate a temporary remote job site, as well as air compressors to power your tools at these locations.

If you operate a business in North or South Dakota, you probably know that Butler Machinery Co. offers a complete line of new and used Cat® machinesfor industries such as construction, mining and agriculture. But you might not be aware that we can also meet your heavy equipment rental needs. Our subsidiary, North Central Rental & Leasing LLC., can supply portable light towers and air compressors at competitive rates.

We Feature Light Tower and Air Compressor Rentals From Top Manufacturers

We supplement our assortment of Cat machines with Allied equipment rentals that include light towers and air compressors. You’ll find a variety of Allmand light tower rentals that provide a dependable localized lighting solution.

Headquartered in Central Nebraska, Allmand Bros., Inc. is a leading provider of mobile light sources ideally suited for mining and construction sites. If you’re in the market for air compressors, we carry numerous products from Sullair, widely recognized as an industry leader for more than 50 years.

Explore the Advantages of Renting Light Towers and Air Compressors

If you only need air compressors or light towers now and then, renting will likely provide a much more cost-effective solution for your company than buying. Why tie up valuable business capital by investing in equipment you’ll only use sporadically?

Other valid reasons to rent include:

  • Avoiding the storage and maintenance costs that come with ownership
  • Having the opportunity to try out a product before making a purchasing commitment
  • Improving your financing situation — you won’t have another loan on your balance sheet that could make it more difficult to receive a line of credit
  • Eliminating repair costs — we can handle all of that for you!

Why Choose North Central Rental & Leasing as Your Source for Allmand Lights or Sullair Compressor?

Besides offering high-quality products at competitive rates, North Central gives you the flexibility to choose the term that best meets your needs and budget. You can rent air compressors or portable light towers for a day, a week or a four-week period.

Contact Us When You’re Ready to Rent Light Towers or Air Compressors

If you have a need for a light tower or air compressor rental unit in North or South Dakota you can count on, contact the experts at North Central Rental & Leasing, LLC. We’ll be happy to help you explore all of your options, and we’ll also provide a no-obligation quote.