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CatĀ® Microgrid Master Controller-Small (MMC-S)

CatĀ® Microgrid Master Controller-Small (MMC-S)

Microgrid Master Controller-Small (MMC-S)

More Comfort ā€“ More Performance ā€“ More Versatility

  • Up To 32 Assets Power Infrastructure Control

    Ability to monitor and control the complete power infrastructure; PV panel inverters, energy storage, weather station and generator set

  • Up To 5 Software Configurations

    Software Enabled Attachments are installed to match site requirements.

  • Fully Integrated Controls Single vendor supply for all controls and components

Technical Summary

Application Microgrid Control
Module Type Monitoring / control and asset optimization

Download resources

Microgrid Master Controller-Small (MMC-S)
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Energy Time Shift module
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