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Fluids Analysis Part Numbers and Pricing

Routine Oil Analysis tests performed at our Fluids Analysis Lab are:

  • Elemental Analysis(ICP) includes wear, additive, and outside contaminant elements reported in parts per million(ppm).
  • FT-IR Analysis monitors an engine oil’s condition by determining the amount of combustion and chemical by-products, i.e.: Soot, Oxidation, Sulfation, and Nitration levels.
  • Viscosity is determined in a kinematics method and reported in centistokes(cSt@100°C).
  • PQ Index identifies larger ferromagnetic(Iron or Nickel) debris(greater than 5 microns) that can be missed by the ICP during elemental analysis.
  • Particle Count Analysis counts and sizes particles present in an oil. An ISO Code, oil cleanliness standard, is derived from a particle count’s >5 and >15 micron/ml values, i.e. 16/13.
  • Microscope examinations are performed on samples that exhibit an abnormally elevated PQ or Particle Count.
  • Physical tests for Water, Antifreeze, and Fuel in oil are also performed. Note, these tests are qualitative (positive/negative) only.

Part numbers and prices to be used for routine Oil Analysis are:

  • SOSBTLNP – customer pays postage or drops off at a Butler Machinery Company location for delivery back to the Fluids Analysis Lab in Bismarck.
  • SOSBTL – postage is paid back to the Fluids Analysis Lab in Bismarck.
1 -11 $15.00 $17.00
12 – 99 $12.00 $14.00
100 UP $11.00 $13.00
  • SOSTBN – $25.00 – Routine oil analysis plus a TBN Test. TBN is the Total Base Number. This number can determine the ability of oil to neutralize acidic combustion by-products.
  • SOSTAN – $25.00 – Routine oil analysis plus a TAN Test. TAN is the Total Acid Number. This number can indicate acidic by-products in a used oil above that of new oil.

Routine Coolant Analysis (monitoring coolant can help prevent heat-related breakdowns) tests performed at Butler Machinery Company’s Fluids Analysis Lab are:

  • Glycol Concentration
  • Freeze/Boil Point
  • Conductivity (total dissolved solids) pH level
  • Turbidity
  • Foaming
  • Unusual Odors
  • SCA (Supplemental Coolant Additive)
  • ELC Extender levels

Data is evaluated from these tests and then used to recommend machine specific coolant adjustments, cleaning, and drains.

Part numbers and prices to be used for routine Coolant Analysis are:

  • SOSCOOL1 – Above tests with postage paid back to the Fluids Analysis Lab in Bismarck.
  • SOSCOOL2 – This analysis consists of an SOSCOOL1, performed at BMC’s Lab, and additional tests relative to maintenance, corrosive, and hardness additive concentrations, performed at Caterpillar’s Lab in Peoria, IL. This test is recommended annually for all antifreeze coolants or per substandard SOSCOOL1 results, and can be used to check source water used for coolant mixtures. Postage is paid back to the Fluids Analysis Lab in Bismarck.
1 -11 $17.00 $38.00
12 – 99 $14.00 $34.00
100 UP $13.00 $32.00

Part numbers and prices to be used for Diesel Fuel analysis are:

  • SOSFUEL – $48.00 – Testing includes Bacteria/Fungi, API gravity, Flash Point, Particle Count/ISO (Cleanliness), PQ, Elemental Analysis and Microscope.