Fluids Analysis

Oil Analysis

Do you have sand and metal in your oil? If you do, you’ll want to find out early.

Butler Machinery Company’s Fluids Analysis Lab specializes in used oil analysis, particle counting and wear particle analysis for mobile heavy equipment, diesel engines, automotive gasoline engines, on-highway trucks and stationary industrial equipment. We also offer coolant and diesel fuel analysis, custom microscopy and custom FT-IR analysis. We welcome inquiries from other labs needing oil analysis, particle counts or microscope services.

For best results, oil sampling should be conducted regularly. Simply drop off your sample at one of our locations, and get results and recommendations back within 24 hours!

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Notice: Using our powerful Dakota LIMS software package you can get your results (including microscope pictures like those shown below) delivered via e-mail within 8 hours after we receive your samples. More infomation available soon. The following photomicrographs (100X) were produced with our Nikon® darkfield microscope and Sony® video system. These examples are typical of the problems we find every day with particle counting and microscope analysis.


Not all new oil is clean. This customer’s new oil was dirtier than the used oil in his machine.


Are elevated copper levels due to abnormal wear or is it harmless oxidation of copper/brass parts? You don’t have to worry with our microscope examination.

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