CSA (Customer Support Agreement)

Customer Support Agreement (CSA)

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What is a Customer Support Agreement?

A CSA is any Product Support Agreement between you and Butler Machinery that helps you lower your cost-per-unit of production. Your
CSA can cover individual systems, single pieces of equipment or entire fleets. CSAs are for all equipment, large or small, new or used and tailored to fit your business needs and provide the following benefits.

  • Allows you to accurately budget maintenance costs
  • Reduces downtime and unexpected failures by keeping your equipment running efficiently
  • Lower operating costs
  • Lengthen machine life
  • Requires less tooling and parts inventory
  • Frees your personnel from maintenance and repair worries so they can concentrate on their principal tasks

Innovative Fleet Management Solutions From Butler Machinery

At Butler Machinery, we recognize the value of proactive service and offer our customers several options for getting the most value for their dollar. Aside from our CSA plans, we offer Scheduled Oil Sampling (SOS) ” a Cat®-developed system for measuring and tracking wear to engine and hydraulic components. We can also help you analyze your fleet with sophisticated life cycle costing and equipment investment software. Contact our service team directly for details!