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We take product support seriously

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If you could see a list of Butler associates in all our locations you™d notice that the bulk are in service-oriented positions. That isn’t typical of the industry, but service is what Butler Machinery has stressed for decades.

Our skilled technicians are required to undergo week-long training sessions on a regular basis. There are 140 service trucks wearing the Butler Machinery logo that are on call to cover the trade area. This means customer wait time for a service call is minimal. In addition, 24-hour-a-day service is just a phone call away.

“Parts and services are the foundation of Butler Machinery Company.”
-Dale Nordman, Parts Manager

Save Money With a Customer Support Agreement

Take the work out of managing your fleet with a Butler Machinery Customer Support Agreement (CSA). CSA plans are flexible and include coverage for preventative maintenance, repairs and more. You’ll receive on-site service and discounted pricing ”we’ll also keep an electronic record of all work done to your equipment, making compliance with ISO and other regulations easy, and improving its resale value should you ever decide to sell.

Butler Machinery Customer Service

  • All Stores Open six-days-a-week, with after hours parts and service available at all locations.
  • Flexible Financing tailored to match the unique pattern of your business.
  • Large Rental Machine Fleet low hour, current models.
  • Truck Engine Specification and Drive Train Assistance
  • Equipment Management Software can help you track maintenance, repair histories and costs.
  • Technical Communicators and Data Libraries provide up-to-date equipment information.
  • Computer Software such as: Fleet Production and Cost Analysis, Life Cycle Costing, Equipment Investment Analysis, Earth-moving Fundamentals, Shop Cost Analysis, Vehicle Simulations, Repair Options and Undercarriage Reconditioning Cost Analysis.
  • Customer Training Seminars cover subjects that help you manage your equipment.
  • Training and Safety Videos are available for your operator training program.
  • Flexible Support that is willing to go the extra mile to meet your needs.

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