Level 2: ADVISE

Level 2: ADVISE provides expert analysis and recommendations from Butler Machinery that will help you make better-informed decisions.

Butler Machinery is a trusted partner who will utilize technology to deliver exclusive equipment management solutions. ADVISE will help you schedule timely maintenance, reduce operating expenses, and improve the overall health of your equipment fleet by identifying symptoms before they become expensive problems. ADVISE puts a knowledgeable, experienced equipment advisor “ Butler “ to work providing expert advice on how and when to maintain your equipment… and helping utilize the valuable information from regular equipment inspections and fluid analysis.

  • Butler is the exclusive source for expert recommendations related to the health of your equipment.
  • Butler analysis and interpretation of information can identify potential failures.
  • Butler can recommend planned maintenance and repair to help avoid expensive, unplanned downtime.
  • Butler’s interpretation of event and diagnostic codes help identify training needs and improve operator performance.
  • Butler can provide valuable diagnostic and proactive maintenance suggestions by utilizing multiple data elements including electronic data, equipment history, work site assessments and fluid analysis.
  • Cat S•O•SSM fluid analysis services provide detailed information on fluid condition, contamination, component wear and more to identify potential problems.

Operator Codes

In addition to normal wear and tear, operators can have a positive or negative effect on both efficiency and component life. Tracking these codes allows you to analyze and decide your course of action. Proper training makes your operators and machine more efficient, safer and last longer.

Operator Code Examples:

  • Engine overspeed
  • Park brake applied while shift lever not in neutral
  • Parking Brake Applied with Machine in Motion
  • Payload Overload Limit Exceeded
  • Transmission Abuse Warning
  • Armrest Raised while Machine in Motion
  • Body Up while Machine in Motion
  • Low Engine Oil Pressure Shutdown
  • Low Engine Oil Pressure Warning