Challenger MT875C

Manufacturer AGCO
Make Challenger
Industry Agriculture
Category Tractors
Subcategory Track & Articulated Tractors
Class Track Tractors
Location of Assembly Jackson, Minnesota USA
Region Primarily Sold North America
ISO Horsepower (Gross Power)
hp 585
Rated Engine rpm 2100
Max Torque (ft-lb) @ Engine rpm 2086 @ 1400
Torque (ft-lb) @ Rated Engine rpm 1469 @ 2100
ECE R24 Horsepower (Net Power)
hp N/A
Rated Engine rpm 2100
Maximum hp @ Engine rpm N/A
PTO Horsepower
hp 425
Rated Engine rpm 2100
PTO hp @ Rated PTO Speed (1000 PTO rpm) N/A
Maximum Drawbar hp (Unballasted) (PFA) hp @ Rated 431.02 @ 2100
Fuel Consumption
gph @ Rated Engine rpm N/A
hp. h/gal @ Rated Engine rpm N/A
gph @ Rated PTO Speed (1000 PTO rpm) N/A
hp. h/gal @ Rated PTO Speed ( N/A
gph @ Maximum DBhp Unballasted 15.27 @ 2100
hp. h/gal @ Maximum DBhp Unballasted N/A
Official Test Data Nebraska OECD 1879
Make Caterpillar
Model C18
Engine Emission Level Tier III
Emissions Treatment Method ACERT Technology
# of Cylinders 6
Valves per Cylinder 4
Total Displacement (CID) 1105
Cylinder Liners Wet, w/ mid-liner support
Aspiration/Charge Cooling Turbocharged w/ air-to-air aftercooled
Starting Aid Automatic Ether Aid
Cooling System
Type of pump Liquid
Fan type Poly V-Belt Driven
Air Intake System
Intake Location (aspiration location) Front hood
Air Cleaner Type 2 paper elements w/ aspirator
Exhaust System Treatment
Type Vertical
Muffler Location Right Side A Post
Fuel Injection System
Injection Pump Type Electronic
Fuel Filters (#/microns) Primary (10 micron) Secondary (2 micron)
Electrical System
Starting and Charging Voltage 12V
Alternator (Std/Opt) 185 Amp
Battery Amperage V/ Ah/ CCA 4-12V batteries/ 4,000 CCA
Standard Transmission
Type Powershift
Manufacturers Description Powershift
Number of Forward/Reverse Gears 16F / 4R
Number of Forward/Reverse Gears w/ Creeper N/A
Max Speed Forward @ rpm /Reverse (mph) 24.6 @ 2100
Full Shuttle Reverse (yes/no) Yes
Optional Transmission
Type N/A
Manufacturers Descriptoin N/A
Number of Forward/Reverse Gears N/A
Number of Forward/Reverse Gears w/ Creeper N/A
Max Speed Forward @ rpm /Reverse (mph) N/A
Full Shuttle Reverse (yes/no) N/A
Power Take-Off
PTO Type Independent
PTO Speed @ engine RPM
1000 rpm (21 spline shaft) N/A
Steering Hydraulic System
Steering Type Caterpillar Differential Steering
Rear Axle & Final Drive
Rear Axle Type Bar Axle
Differential Lock Type NA / Differential Steering
Final Drive Type Inboard, Double Reduction
4WD Front Axle
Axle Type Hardbar
Differential Lock Type N/A
Max Steering Angle (degrees) N/A
Suspended Front Axle
Type 2 Marsh Mellow® Springs w/ Suspended Midwheels
Service Brakes Type Wet disc
Parking Brake Type Transmission lever controlled
Hydraulic Trailer Brakes (std/opt) Optional
Pneumatic Trailer Brakes (std/opt)
Idler Diameter (in) 37
Number of Midwheels
Midwheel Diameter (in) 14
Drive Wheel Diameter (in) 61
Track Width (in) 30
System Type Closed Center (LIFD)
Total Pump Flow (gpm) 43.5
Optional Pump Flow (gpm) 59
Operating Pressure (psi) 2900
Remote Control Valves Available (std/opt) 4 Std., 5 & 6 Opt.
Three Point Hitch
ASAE Hitch Category Category 3/4N
Lift Capacity @ 24″ (lb) 19500
Front 3 Point Hitch (yes or no) N/A
Drawbar Type Swinging
Drawbar Vertical Load, Static Max (lb) 10000
Drawbar Vertical Load, Optional (lb) N/A
Drawbar Ground Clearance (in) 14.4
Cab Sound Level dB(A) 76.1
Internal Volume (ft3) 108
Glass Area (ft2) 67.5
Decelerator/Accelerator Pedal (std/opt)
Standard Seat
Type Fully Adjustable
Type of Suspension Air
Optional Seat
Type Vibration Reduction
Type of Suspension Fluid
Type of Gauges Digital & Analog
Electrical Connectors
Trailer Plug 7 Pin
In-Cab 12V Power Plug 1 Ag plug and 1-12V power outlet
Implement Connector 9 Pin ISO Connector
Wheelbase (in) 118
Overall Length w/ Front Weights (in) 270
Min Overall Shipping Width (in) 141.8
Height Over Cab (in) 138.1
Standard Tire Size – Front N/A
Standard Tire Size – Rear N/A
Front Wheel Track, 4WD, min-max (in) 90-128
Rear Wheel Track, 4WD, min-max (in) 90-128
Turn Radius (ft-in) @ Tire Size 0 (Counter Rotates)
Approximate Shipping Weight (lb) 42200
Fuel Tank-Standard (g) 330
Fuel Tank-Optional (g) N/A
DEF Tank (g) N/A