Vertical Tillage


The new 6630 series Vertical Tillage System from Sunflower provides the vertical tillage residue management producers have been seeking but not finding¦¦.. until now.

The unique Sunflower Saber blade slices through heavy GMO crop residue sizing and mixing it with soil. This speeds its decay and leaves the field level with the remaining material sized for the planter. The ratios of soil to residue are completely determined by the operating depth of the tool. An operating depth of two inches will produce a sized corn crop residue mixed with enough soil to anchor the residue to protect against erosion by wind or water. Increasing the operating dept will lift more soil and enhance the decomposition process.

Each Sunflower Saber blade has twenty-five flutes that are specially designed to fracture and lift the soil. The flutes™ capacity is specifically designed to produce the maximum amount of soil lift without producing clods. This will anchor residue and produce the proper mix to enhance residue decomposition. The high speed condition reels aggressively mix the material, separating solids and fines while firming the soil.

The scalloped edge of the Sunflower Saber blade maintains a very effective cutting edge as the blade ages eliminating the need to mechanically grind or roll the blade to restore performance.

The 6630 models are available in five sizes from 21™ to 32™ working widths. The new 6631 Split-Wing models are available in 35′ and 40′ widths. All models require approximately 8 – 10 horsepower per foot of cut.


  • Sunflower Saber Blades
  • Narrow 7.5 Blade Spacing
  • Soil Conditioning Reel
  • Hydraulic Self-Leveling
  • œService-Free UHMW material used throughout
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty