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    CLAAS Hay and Forage Equipment

    When it comes to hay and baling, we know you have a lot to consider –type of forage and maturity, time of day to maximize nutrient value, and drying time. No matter your operation, trust Butler’s line of rugged, reliable hay equipment to make one choice easy. Get the best in “CLAAS.”

    CLAAS Jaguar

    The JAGUAR family is the bestselling forage harvester in the world. They feature powerful drive units from Mercedes-Benz and an electronic injection system which provides optimum response times and low fuel consumption. The engine, engine cooling system and position of the engine, along with the resulting drive concept, are key factors in translating engine power into throughput. Strong and precise pre-compression is also crucial for achieving huge throughputs. The pre-compression rollers on the JAGUAR can be pushed open by up to 180 mm, creating a massive intake opening. A damper in the form of a hydraulic cylinder was designed to maintain the even distribution of pre-compression forces on the upper intake rollers, optimizing the efficiency of the overall process.

    ModelHPCorn Head Row/WidthDisc Cutter
    9808847 - 12/20' - 30'20 - 17
    9707757 - 12/20' - 30'20 - 17
    9606537 - 12/20' - 30'20 - 17
    9505987 - 10/20' - 25'20 - 17
    9405107 - 10/20' - 25'20 - 17
    9304566 - 10/20' - 25'20 - 17

    CLAAS Triple Mowers

    A simple, yet highly durable design. Have a need for speed? With working widths of 29 to 35 feet you can mow more, quicker.

    ModelWorking WidthConditioner
    9200 C Contour29.2' / 29.9'Tine
    9200 RC Contour29.2' / 29.9'Roller
    9200 Contour29.9' / 29.9'-
    9200 C Autoswather29.2' / 29.9'Tine

    CLAAS Front Mowers

    Made with an easy and reliable drive system. CLAAS front mowers feature the unique CLAAS PROFIL linkage geometry for 3-dimensional adaptation to the terrain. Take advantage of optimal ground contour following for outstanding crop quality in all conditions.

    ModelWorking WidthConditioner
    3200 F Profil9.8'-
    3200 FC Profil9.8'Tine
    3200 FRC Profil9.8'Roller
    3500 F Profil11.2'-
    3500 FC Profil11.2'Tine
    3500 FRC Profil11.2'Roller

    CLAAS Rear Mowers

    Built to be productive and reliable, the rear mower drive system design ensures ultra-smooth running and no-load peaks. With two turning points, these CLAAS DISCO 50 Series machines can adapt perfectly to slopes and angles while ensuring proper flotation at the same time. Enjoy smooth running, no matter the working conditions.

    ModelWorking WidthConditioner

    CLAAS Pull-Type Mowers

    Whether you are mowing large plots or small fields, take advantage of nimble mowing execution. With a working width of 9‘10“, these mowers can be fitted with a tine or roller conditioner for optimal performance.

    ModelWorking WidthConditioner
    3500 TC11.2'Tine
    3500 TRC11.2'Roller
    3050 TC9.8'Tine
    3050 TRC9.8'Roller

    CLAAS Rakes

    Versatile and multi-talented, these rakes are made with a continuously-lubricated housing to run like clockwork. Enjoy three-dimensional ground-contour following to protect both the soil and your crop, thanks to the LINER’s fully floating suspension. Whether working with silage, hay or straw, the LINER dual-rotor rake with central windrowing, and working widths of between 26’3” and 32’10” (6.2 and 10 m) will get the job done.

    ModelWorking WidthRotors
    Liner 310028'6" - 32'8"2
    Liner 290027' - 29'6"2

    CLAAS 3-Point Mounted Tedder

    Ted three big swaths cleanly without ever harming your crop. With a 25' 3" working width, experience superior performance and work quality. CLAAS Hay Tedders are made to maximize spread and provide you with the best performance.

    ModelWorking WidthRotors

    CLAAS Variant

    Your time is valuable. The VARIANT offers a crucial benefit with its speed and efficiency, sporting a high belt speed of 9.8 ft/sec (3 m/s). These speeds ensure an fast tying cycle, making it possible to continue baling right away without wasting any time. No matter the material, produce compact bales with optimal overlapping for edge durability.

    ModelBale Size
    38048' x 68' / 48' x 60'
    36048' x 68' / 48' x 60'

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      Which product are you interested in?* JaguarTriple MowersFront MowersRear MowersPull-Type MowersRakes
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