JAGUAR 980 – 930

“Chews Wisely.”

  • Highly efficient direct drive to the chopping unitOptimum straight crop path from the intake rollers to the accelerator and discharge chute
  • Optimum straight crop path from the intake rollers to the accelerator and discharge chuteSpacious VISTA CAB, CEBIS information and control system, TELEMATICS “ online machine monitoring, QUANTIMETER with continuous dry matter measurement
  • Spacious VISTA CAB, CEBIS information and control system, TELEMATICS “ online machine monitoring, QUANTIMETER with continuous dry matter measurement
  • The V-MAX knife drum sets the standard in terms of function, rigidity and maintenance
  • DYNAMIC POWER “ helps save diesel in the partial-load range

JAGUAR 980-930 series “ engine data


Engine Type

Horsepower (ECE R120 @ 1,800rpm)

JAGUAR 980 MAN V12 884 hp
JAGUAR 970 MAN V8 775 hp
JAGUAR 960 Mercedes-Benz Inline 6 626 hp
JAGUAR 950 Mercedes-Benz Inline 6 585 hp
JAGUAR 940 Mercedes-Benz Inline 6 516 hp
JAGUAR 930 Mercedes-Benz Inline 6 462 hp

Header Attachments

Orbis 900/750/635/600

Front attachments JAGUAR 980-930The row-independent ORBIS corn header range from CLAAS combines entirely new ideas with regard to structure and drive, and the years of global experience amassed by CLAAS through the RU range. The high standard of the functional reliability and benefits of this all-new design are yours to enjoy, every minute of the day.


Model Working Width
ORBIS 900 30 ft. (12-30″ rows) (9,0m) — Only available for JAGUAR 900 Series
ORBIS 750 25 ft. (10-30″ rows) (7,5m)
ORBIS 635 21 ft. (8-30″ rows / 7-38″ rows) (6,4m)
ORBIS 600 20 ft. (8-30″ rows) (6,0m)

Smooth Crop Flow

The crop is laid flat and the stems are always fed to the JAGUAR lengthways. This ensures impressively precise chopping quality.

Compact Dimensions

The ORBIS is characterised by excellent, unrestricted visibility and low axle loads. The extremely short structure facilitates simple manoeuvring, even in tight turns.

Free-Running Drive

The extremely low power requirement significantly reduces diesel consumption and enhances the overall performance of the forage harvester. The low starting torque enables you to engage and reverse under full load without any problems. As the outstanding chopping quality is maintained even during forage trailer changeovers, overall performance is increased.

Perfect Ground-Contour Tracking

The header suspension ensures that ORBIS maintains an ideal lateral balance and adjusts itself to the field contours. This leads to an appreciable reduction in wear and increases reliability.

The swivel-mounted frame is connected to the main frame by three arms; this arrangement has the following advantages:

  • Low friction
  • Light-footed
  • Hugs the ground contours

ORBIS – Great Versatility

Two sensor skids each gauge two rows of corn. The signals generated by these sensors are translated into appropriate steering impulses. The Jaguar’s steering is automatic up to a speed of 12 km/h. Twin-row sensing allows automatic steering in row widths of 37.5 cm up to 80 cm.

  • Maximum operator stress relief
  • Increased area output
  • Reliable row guidance, even where there are gaps in the crop
  • Maintenance-free and low-wear technology

A Full View of the Road

For road travel, you can cut the width of the ORBIS. On the ORBIS 600, the side units are simply folded up vertically, while on the ORBIS 900 and ORBIS 750, they are folded over one another.

  • The new suspended-frame geometry automatically neutralizes the lateral tilt
  • The folding geometry passes over dead center so that the ORBIS header is located securely in both the working and transport positions
  • The folding protective bar with built-in lighting is very easy to fit
  • Thanks to the additional running gear, ORBIS 900 is safe to drive on the road at speeds of up to 40 km/h
  • The easy-to-mount feature and automatic locking enable you to move quickly between fields

Pickup 380/300

Ever-increasing yields and more powerful forage harvesters make sense only if the crop can be taken up cleanly and the design is both robust and easy to operate. The new PICK UP 380 PRO and PICK UP 300 PRO with working widths of 12.5 ft (3.8 m) and 10 ft (3 m), respectively, meet these requirements with a wealth of new features.

  • Small-diameter rake with five rows of tines for perfect crop intake.
  • Large auger diameter designed to transfer the crop quickly, whatever the crop density.
  • Rugged drive line with easy-to-operate, two-speed gearbox.
  • Designed with extremely high acreages in mind, the wear parts are easy to replace.
  • Excellent ground-contour following is achieved with a swiveling frame and castor guide wheels, which are set without tools.
  • The headers can be easily attached to and removed from the JAGUAR by a quick-connect coupler and central locking lever on the left-hand side.
  • Replaceable wear plates (available through CLAAS Parts) for auger and trough.

The CLAAS CAM PILOT helps you harvest with fewer losses.

The new CLAAS CAM PILOT assumes the task of steering the new-generation JAGUAR when the pick-up is fitted, which means that working speeds of up to 10 mph (15 km/h) can be achieved without fatigue. What’s more, the driver can focus more fully on filling up the trailer without crop losses. The CAM PILOT detects the windrows in three dimensions and automatically initiates the appropriate steering correction. The CAM PILOT is also activated in the usual way by hitting the AUTO PILOT button, and is deactivated again whenever the steering wheel is turned.

Direct Disc 610/520

Whether you’re intending to use milk ripe plants for high-grade animal feed or as biomass for energy production, this front attachment means you can mow and chop in a single pass. The crop is first cut by the disc mower, after which it is fed directly to the intake auger via a paddle roller. From there, it is fed to the chopper intake.

Simply hitch up for flawless harvesting.

  • DIRECT DISC 610 with 20 ft (6.1 m) working width — (only available for use on JAGUAR 900 Series.)
  • DIRECT DISC 520 with 17.5 ft (5.2 m) working width.
  • The COMFORT CUT intake is the infinitely variable chop-length transmission developed specially for the JAGUAR. This gives you the benefit of variable chop lengths set directly from the cab.
  • Drive connection via the quick-connect coupler: simply hitch up and lock.
  • The crop is cut by two tried-and-tested DISCO mowing bars.’
  • The quick knife change dramatically reduces maintenance times.
  • The paddle roller is hydraulically height-adjustable for perfect adaptation to the harvesting conditions