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Fendt Rogator® 900 Series

With its unmatched versatility, go from standard-clearance to high-clearance application in less than 45 seconds and change from liquid to dry application in under two hours for unmatched ROI optimization. Fendt Rogator 900 Series' Integrated and intuitive Fendt Varioterminal™ gives you full machine control. The AWD SmartDrive™ continuously and independently powers each wheel for superior traction. With a common chassis and interchangeable systems, the Fendt Rogator® 900 Series sprayer can handle a wide variety of terrain and crops with ease. The RG934H and RG937H also offer the ability to perform high-clearance applications for late-season work with the Elevation package.

RG932900 Gal.L4500 G4
1,100 Gal.L5000 G5
1,300 Gal.
RG934 | RG934H900 Gal.L4500 G4
1,100 Gal.L5000 G5
1,300 Gal.
1,600 Gal.
RG937 | RG937H900 Gal.L4500 G4
1,100 Gal.L5000 G5
1,300 Gal.
1,600 Gal.

Gold Star Customer Care

Fendt® Gold Star maintenance, service and warranty programs are the best in the business — and provide the kind of after-sale care that rewards you with exceptional resale value.
• Three years or 2,000 engine hours warranty, $0 deductible, full-machine coverage.
• The maintenance
• All parts and labor required to perform each factory-recommended maintenance. 2,000 engine hours warranty period is included with Gold Star.
• The parts
• Fendt dealers use only AGCO Genuine Parts, so your Fendt is always 100% Fendt. All parts are covered for one year, and all labor for six months, under the AGCO Parts Advantage warranty.
• The service
• Fendt dealers and their factory-trained, certified technicians use only the highest-caliber diagnostic tools.
• Annual inspection
• Get the most out of your machine after the annual inspection to identify repairs prior to the busy season.


Long hours, rugged terrain and miles of road traveled take a toll on both the machine and its operator. That’s why performance and efficiency are the foundation of every TerraGator high-flotation applicator. The TG7300/8300 Series machines are equipped with a liquid system that handles just about any field you’ll ever encounter. Stainless steel, 1,800 gallon product tanks, a 60 gallon foam marker and a conveniently located eductor all combine to create a professional liquid delivery system.

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ModelHPTransmissionTons/Box Capacity (Cubic Feet)
TG7300 330Continuously Variable AirMax Precision Single bin 310 cu.ft. (8.8 m3)
TG8300365Continuously Variable AirMax Precision 2 Adjustable, split bin 300 cu.ft. (8.5 m3)
TG8400365Continuously Variable Air Spreader Single bin, multiple products 315 sq.ft. (8.9 m2)
TG9300425Continuously Variable Soilection Twin Bin Two bins 290 cu.ft. (8.2 m3)


We offer a variety of liquid and dry configurations to meet your application needs. From the exclusive auger-less liquid systems to the high-volume capacity of AGCO’s Air Spreader or AirMax Precision systems, we have the most accurate systems available on the most rugged machines in the industry.

AirMax Precision Single Bin 310 cu.ft.(8.8 m3)
AirMax Precision 2 Adjustable, Split Bin 300 cu.ft.(8.5 m3)
Air Spreader Single Bin, Multiple Products 315 sq.ft.(8.9 m2)
Soilection Twin Bin Two Bins 290 cu.ft. (8.2 m3)