S308 Mobile Scrap & Demolition Shear

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Ideal for interior demolition tasks, the compact S305 mounted on a Cat® Skid Steer Loader or Mini Excavator goes where no other demolition tool can. Remove conduits, wiring and interior fixtures.

Tip Force
43.3 Sh Ton
360 Degrees
Jaw Opening
9.4 in
Jaw Depth
11.4 in
Jaw Width - Moving
2.4 in
Jaw Width - Fixed
9.1 in
Cycle Time - Close
2.5 Seconds
Cycle Time - Open
3.5 Seconds
Rotation Circuit - Maximum Flow
5.3 gal/min
Rotation Circuit - Maximum Relief Pressure
2900.8 psi
Cutting Circuit - Maximum Flow
15.9 gal/min
Cutting Circuit - Maximum Relief Pressure
3626 psi
Throat Force
203.7 Sh Ton
Apex Force
73.4 Sh Ton
1212.5 lb
26.3 in
67.3 in
15.4 in