Massey Ferguson 6700

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Ready to add a new tractor to your operation? There’s never been a better time to lease at Butler Machinery.

Get Maximum Productivity and Efficiency When You Lease a Massey Ferguson 7700S Series Tractor for $12,700/year.

Now’s the time to get in the cab of a Massey Ferguson 7700S Series tractor outfitted with a powershift transmission and front-end loader with grapple with a 5-year/450-hour lease. Lease payments as low as $12,700/year. 

Massey Ferguson’s Dyna-VT™ Continuously Variable Transmission continues to be one of the most popular transmissions, offering maximum productivity, efficiency and operator comfort. The curved design of the chassis and bonnet ensures one of the best turning circles on the market, allowing the operator greater freedom to move in tighter areas around the farm yard.

Premium Comes Standard With a $15,700/year Lease on a 6700S Series Tractor from Massey Ferguson.

Right now at Butler Machinery, cash in on the best pricing of the year with a 5-year/450-hour lease on a Massey Ferguson 6700S Series tractor equipped with a powershift transmission and front-end loader with grapple. Lease payments starting at $15,700/year.

Purpose-built to be a premium mid-range tractor, the 6700S Series gives you the four-wheel power and performance you need, the comfort and ease of operation you want, and the versatility to get the job done – whatever that job may be.

Get more information on a 5-year lease of a Massey Ferguson 6700S or 7700S tractor today! Or, contact a Butler Machinery location near you.