Green Fit

Green Fit – Authorized AutoTrac Interface – Thank You

Thank you for your interest in GREEN FIT, authorized interface for John Deere AutoTrac™

  • Green Fit makes it easy to integrate a John Deere AutoTrac guidance system with approved Challenger equipment.
  • The Green Fit system will utilize the same monitor and user interface that JD owners are comfortable operating.
  • Green Fit is a “Plug and Play” solution for growers looking to integrate exciting new products like the Challenger 1000 Series into their farm without creating complexity for their operators.

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It’s as simple as “Plug and Play” is the phrase all farmers want to hear when talking about technology. With the new Green Fit system from Reichhardt, “Plug and Play” is finally a reality when using John Deere AutoTrac Guidance with exciting new products like the Challenger 1000 Series Tractors, MT700 and MT800 Series Tractors, or all new C Series RoGators. Green Fit is an authorized navigation interface that utilizes existing John Deere AutoTrac Guidance System to steer most Challenger tractors and sprayers. Green Fit eliminates the worry of learning and converting to a new steering system when buying an industry-leading Challenger product from Butler.


  • Full AutoTrac™ functionality with supported vehicles
  • Focused to John Deere‘s quality and engineering standards
  • All tractor functions remain and will be available
  • Easy installation

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Qualifying models

  • Challenger 1000 Series
  • Challenger MT700 and MT800 Series Tractors
  • Rogator C Series

Green Fit JD Monitor and User Interface


Call us today! 1-605-777-7450