New C Series RoGators

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    Best Performance. Best Price. Add a new C Series RoGator to your operation

    You need your investment in crop protectants and fertilizers to pay off. You need a sprayer that enables you to put product down as prescribed, with less waste and greater impact. You need a boom that primes in 45 seconds flat, saving you valuable inputs and gaining you up to 10 acres of productivity per day. You need a liquid system that recovers expensive product back to the tank and cleans out faster than the competition. Simply put, the LiquidLogic® system gives you full control to deliver a precise, productive and effective application every time. Only on a RoGator.

    Get special financing on new RoGator self-propelled sprayers at Butler Machinery. Offer valid through September 30, 2022.

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    Premium product.
    Premium product support.

    We know you measure your days in acres, not hours. And we believe premium products should come with premium dealer support. That's why we stand by you - morning, noon and night - to keep you and your operation on-track. If you call, we will answer, because we know how costly downtime can be to your bottom line. Farm confidently knowing the Butler team is here for your parts and service needs, 24/7.

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