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    The Massey Ferguson round baler is a popular agricultural machinery used for hay and straw baling. It features a rugged design and is known for its reliability and ease of use. It comes in various models with different bale size and density options, allowing farmers to choose the one that best suits their needs. The round baler is a critical tool for efficient haymaking, helping farmers save time and labor costs while producing high-quality bales for livestock feed.

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    Model Bale Size
    RB. 1565'6'


    The Massey Ferguson Large Square Baler is a high-capacity agricultural machine used to compress and bale crops such as hay, straw, and cornstalks. It is designed to operate in large fields and produce large, uniform bales that are easier to transport and store. The machine features advanced technology, such as automatic density control and knotter fans, to optimize the baling process and ensure high-quality output. It is a popular choice for farmers who prioritize efficiency, productivity, and reliability in their hay and forage operations.

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    ModelBale Size
    223331.5" x 34.4"
    223434.4" x 47.2"
    2234XD34.4" x 47.2"

    MASSEY FERGUSON Windrowers

    The Massey Ferguson windrower is a machine used in agriculture to cut hay or other crops and lay them in windrows for drying. It is designed to operate efficiently in large fields and tough terrains, making it a versatile and reliable piece of equipment for farmers. The windrower features advanced technology and ergonomic controls to provide optimal performance and operator comfort. Its innovative design helps reduce crop loss and improve the quality of the harvested crops.

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    ModelEngine HP Rated/Max

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