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Gleaner Centennial Combine


A hundred years is a long time for anything.

This makes the past century of Gleaner combine harvests something to truly celebrate.

One hundred years of reliable, efficient, and comfortable harvests from farmer-focused machines.

At Butler Machinery, we’re proud to carry Gleaner combines and headers and continue providing farmers like
you with equipment that drives your operation forward.

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The Gleaner Combine 100-year anniversary marks a significant milestone for one of the most iconic brands in agricultural machinery. The Gleaner brand has been synonymous with innovation, durability, and efficiency in the field for a century, and its centennial celebration is a testament to its enduring legacy.


The Gleaner Combine was first introduced in 1923 by the Baldwin Brothers, who founded the Gleaner Manufacturing Company in Independence, Missouri, USA. The original Gleaner Combine was a pioneering machine that revolutionized the way farmers harvested crops, particularly small grains such as wheat, oats, and barley. It featured a unique self-propelled design that allowed farmers to harvest, thresh, and clean their crops in a single pass, significantly improving efficiency and productivity.


Over the years, the Gleaner Combine continued to evolve and innovate, introducing many groundbreaking features that became industry standards. Notable innovations included the introduction of the first self-leveling cleaning shoe, the first enclosed threshing and separating area, and the first rotary separator. These advancements improved performance, reduced grain loss, and enhanced operator comfort, setting new benchmarks for harvesting technology.


Throughout its history, the Gleaner Combine has earned a reputation for its durability and reliability, with many machines remaining in operation for decades. The brand has also been known for its commitment to farmer-driven innovation, with feedback from farmers playing a crucial role in the development of new features and technologies.


The Gleaner Combine’s impact on modern agriculture cannot be overstated. It has helped farmers around the world improve their harvest efficiency, increase yields, and reduce losses, contributing to the global food supply. Its innovative design and robust performance have made it a trusted choice for generations of farmers, and its 100-year anniversary is a fitting celebration of its enduring legacy.


As the Gleaner Combine marks its 100-year anniversary, it serves as a reminder of the power of innovation and the importance of machinery in modern agriculture. Farmers, agricultural professionals, and enthusiasts alike can look back with admiration at the Gleaner Combine’s rich history and its contribution to the advancement of farming practices. Here’s to another century of excellence from the Gleaner Combine! Happy 100-year anniversary!




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