White Planter 9800VE Series

Ag Spring Start Up Resources

Below you will find 3 sections. Each section contains valuable video resources and tools to guide you through your tractor, planter and application equipment and technology spring start up. If you do not find the resources you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact Jason Weaver at 605-215-4881.

Tractors: Challenger and Fendt

All AccuTerminal Video Resources

Adaptive Contour:

The Adaptive Contour wayline type is a contour wayline that uses the master apply on/off as the recording and stop recording setpoints. Once the operator drives through the field and stops recording, the map will show the current track and a direct track to the left and right side. This is similar to Raven’s Last Pass wayline but is not a direct match as it will only provide THE last pass.

Contour Segments:

The Contour Segments wayline type is again a variation of a contour wayline that relies on onscreen button presses to create segments that all roll up under one wayline name. Once multiple segments are created, the machine can detect a propagated segment based upon machine position.

Contour Segments based upon a Boundary:

Since the creation of Contour Segments can be cumbersome an easier way to create these lines is through a boundary. If the customer uses an FMIS to create boundaries, once loaded onto the machine, these can be used to create contour segments for the field. The number of segments created can be chosen at the time of creation.

Boundary creation based upon Contour Segments:

On the opposite end of the spectrum, if a contour segment is created on each side of a field, the contour segments can be used to create the boundary as well. This area is based upon worked area.

Single Contour:

The Single Contour records a contour through the entire field as originally driven, including turns. A unique part of this wayline is that it can use other waylines to create the straight passes through the field while recording the single contour (see chart below for compatible waylines). This is a great tool for operators that may not be familiar with a field or equipment.

Precision Planting Equipped Planters

Resource videos for Gen 1-3

Gen 1 and 2 Refresher

Gen 1 and 2 Refresher

20|20 Training Refresher Videos

Videos included in the below link are: 2020 Diagnostics, 2020 Software Plan for Year 2020, Basic Overview and vApply Setup Overview

Additional Precision Planting Product Resources

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Horsch Planting Resources

Horsch Joker RT Quick Start

Maestro Fold and Unfold How-To

Avatar Calibration Video

Application Equipment

Raven How-To Video Resources

Additional Raven Video Resources